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Turned wreaths

    Why are the beautiful Christmas wreaths in Bedford City turned around so you can only see then when you turn a corner or shop in the city?

    When the wreaths before were put up – they were the same way — people wrote in about how they were done. The City said, “ They couldn’t be turned around.” Three years later, they were turned around. They looked beautiful.

    Why can’t this be done now? My friend from out of town didn’t notice the wreaths until I pointed them out.

    How about all our visitors that we have that come to Bedford?

Anne Feagans


How did we get in such a mess?

    We’re headed into the worst financial crisis since the Federal Reserve created the Great Depression. How did we get into such a mess? Franklin D. Roosevelt said that nothing in politics ever happens by coincidence. This could only mean that some unknown force is out to destroy the great society that our Christian forefathers sacrificed so much for.

    After Barry Goldwater was defeated by the press in the1964 presidential election he wrote about the unelected rulers in his book “With No Apologies.” For the past 30 years I have tried to find out who they are. With the help of the Internet search engines I finally stumbled upon a document that made sense. It is called “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zionism.” This document written over 100 years ago prophesies all the evil that has been inflicted on western civilization during the 20th century. Henry Ford knew about these protocols in1920 and he said that fit in his day.

    Here is a sampling of these protocols. Protocol # 7; World Wide Wars. Our involvement in WWI set the stage for WWII. Protocol # 8; Create a central bank, The Federal Reserve Bank is controlled by Zionists. Jefferson warned that turning the nation’s money over to a private bank would destroy the country. Protocol #12; Control the press. This was obvious during the recent campaign. Protocol #14; Assault on religion. The ACLU. Protocol #16; Brainwashing. Al Gore’s Global Warming. Protocol # 20; Financial Programs. Graduated income tax and inflated Federal Reserve notes.

    Some folks say that the protocols are a hoax. If so, why have so many of these protocols happened to western civilization since they were first discovered?

Richard H. Ruff