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New mentoring program

    Staunton River High School is establishing a mentoring program entitled Gentlemen by Choice. 

    This program designed to serve as a system of support to high school males in grades nine through twelve.  It exists to build self esteem, promote and improve academic success, and encourage social awareness.  Through participation in this program, many of the young men involved are given a proactive opportunity as opposed to a remedial strategy to enhance their self-esteem. 

    By intervening at the high school level, our young men will continue to establish a positive image of themselves, which will lead to greater confidence in the choices they make.  The end result will create a positive influence as our students achieve academic success while training to become our leaders of tomorrow.

    We invite you to attend a town hall meeting on Saturday, April 4, 2009, in the SRHS auditorium at 1 p.m.  The meeting is open to the public and will be held to discuss the goals of the program, answer any questions, and discuss any concerns you might have.  We are also open to any ideas that you feel will enhance the program as we move forward with it. 

    For further information, please feel free to contact the school office at 540-297-7151.

Robert Stump, Principal

Staunton River High School   

No mailings, please

    I – and almost everyone I know in Virginia’s 5th District - recently received, via U.S. mail, a high quality, large, color brochure entitled “Congressman Tom Perriello Putting Virginia on the Road to Economic Recovery,” which is basically a campaign brochure listing Mr. Perriello’s 10 weeks of “accomplishments.” 


    What’s even more amazing is that - just below the address – it says, “This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense.”  Yes, Virginia, we paid for our new congressman’s first 2010 campaign mailing just 10 weeks into his term.  (Oh, yes, there was a blurb about contacting his staff if you need help with a variety of things.  That and his reply card took up less than one twelfth of the print space.)

    Doesn’t Congressman Perriello understand that most of his constituents need every dime of their income? That they want their tax dollars to be minimal and spent only on absolute necessities; not on some fancy brochure to help his 2010 re-election?

    Does Congressman Perriello just not get it? To that end, I’ve emailed a request asking that my name be removed from any future taxpayer-paid mailings.  I invite others to do the same.


Marilyn Osborne-Bach


Good service

    Recently I bought some property in Bedford County and it was several hundred yards to the nearest electrical service.

    I contacted the City of Bedford Electrical Department for new service. I’d like to recognize them from the office personnel, engineer, line workers, and everyone involved in making this happen. They did a great job very professional, great attitude, and pleasant to work with in getting the work done.

    A special thank you to all involved for a job well done.

Vincent Brads

Bedford County

On doing


    I think our school board has been taking lessons from our Federal Government on how to do business.

    Since they are spending someone else’s money, it does not matter what they spend it for or how much it cost. No common sense to be found in either one, except for Shirley McCabe and Talbot Huff.

    No wonder we are in such a mess financially.

Edith D. Turpin




    I would like to publicly thank the Bedford County Planning Commission for their wisdom in recommending the denial of the Special Use Permit requested by John E. Ayres/Charles Spangler, contractors, to allow the construction of four construction storage yards on property on the south side of Forest Road (Rt. 221) and the north side of Pilgrim Road (Rt. 840) approximately 0.38 mile east of the intersection with Goode Station Road (Rt. 668).

    I and other concerned citizens of the Goode area trust that the Bedford County Board of Supervisors will accept the recommendation of the Planning Commission. Permitting such a facility would not only hurt the scenic beauty of this area, but would also contribute to the traffic on Forest Road where we have experienced two fatal accidents in the past week.

Donald H. Jones, Jr.


The real problem

    Although we have been at war for the past seven or so years and although our economy is in the tank, America’s biggest problem—by far—is the same one it has been for decades.  We are still slaughtering 1.5 million pre-born babies per year.  How long do we think a righteous God will put up with such barbarism?  Has history not taught us anything?

    Although there were arguably many issues contributing to the Civil War, I am convinced the US was ultimately being judged for the sin of slavery (in both the North and South).  I am equally convinced Germany got pounded in WWII because of the murder of millions of innocent Jews and others.

    To date, since Roe v Wade, the US has sanctioned the extermination of the most vulnerable among us—to the tune of 50 million.  Frankly, that fact alone makes Hitler look like a boy scout by comparison.  And slave owners were veritable saints.  This is a heinous crime against humanity—far worse than the Holocaust in sheer numbers.

    Have I shocked any one yet?  I hope so.  It is way past time we as a society wake up to the evil around us.  Abortion kills innocent human beings.  Period.  No amount of rationalizing or spin can change that.  But just who is mainly to blame for this atrocity? The Liberals?  The Heathens?  Feminists?

    I blame myself, first of all.  As a Christian, my apathy has been inexcusable.  If anyone should know better, I should.  But still I have done far too little to stop the killing.  I have been far too quiet while the blood of innocence screams out for justice.  Shame on me!  And shame on those like me.

    It is time to stop the madness.  I pray that those of us with a shred of moral decency will redouble our efforts to reverse the bloody tide that has swept over our nation.  God help us.

Mark Laperle


An indecent


    In every free society—governed by justice and equity—there are no two rights that are more venerated than life and liberty.  When these two rights are maintained in their relative balance, that society flourishes.  However, when pitted against each other, our “rights” can strangely result in societal confusion and polarization.

     Every sphere of our culture is affected by the polarizing and confusing watershed which flows from the debate over elective abortion.  The reason is the pro-abortion party has introverted the logical priority of life and liberty.

    After 36 years of fierce contest, the best and loudest argument heard from the pro-abortion position is that pro-lifers are against individual rights to freedom of choice and personal liberty.  In other words, “To be pro-life,” they insist, “is to be anti-choice, thus anti-liberty.”  This, however, is neither an argument nor true.  Additionally, such rhetoric destroys true liberty, perverting it into autonomous/libertine freedom—a sacred cow.  The pro-life position, correctly understood, alone, promotes the proper equilibrium between life and liberty, which is necessary for a healthy and free human community.  Let me explain what I mean.

     First, we know intuitively that in a just society, rights aren’t particularized, exclusive of one another; each has its place of priority within a unified hierarchy of other rights.  Every civil culture exists by means of each individual in the community surrendering certain of their personal liberties.  For example, moving from the country for the conveniences of city life means you’re giving up the liberty of shooting a gun in your back yard, since this would endanger the lives of others.  Thus, none of us has the liberty to jeopardize and/or end the life of another innocent member of our community.  Hence, the right to life has priority over individual liberty, in a truly free society. 

     Neither are liberties morally neutral.  Perhaps the distinction between bad and criminal decisions would serve well to further illustrate this point.  For instance, many believe getting drunk is a bad decision, but all know that getting drunk and driving is a criminal choice.  Further, smoking is a bad decision; smoking crack-cocaine is a criminal one.  In many cases, exercising one’s sexual liberty can be a bad decision, but doing so on an unwilling other or a child is always and rightly a criminal one; it’s an indecent liberty, as we say.  So, when one exercises one’s liberties at the expense of another’s life or liberty, that one’s liberties are immoral and criminal—in a word—indecent.

     From the foregoing, two further observations arise.  (1) Once the relative rights of life and liberty are correctly understood within the context of a truly free society, it becomes evident that the pro-abortion party has escalated the autonomous, individual liberty of the mother so far as to extinguish the value and logical priority of the most basic right to life; namely that of her child’s.  Here, then, is the catalyst of the polarity and confusion surrounding elective abortion.

    Moreover, (2) the flip-flopping of these two rights was expressed this way in the past: “It’s not about slavery, it’s about state’s rights!”  Similarly today, “It’s not about life, it’s about women’s rights!”  It’s the pro-life position therefore that seeks to preserve the equilibrium of our society’s most cherished rights, keeping liberty civil by insisting it remains subjugated to the higher right to life.  This is justice, equity, and a necessary condition of a truly free society.

     Secondly, all this begs the question—the only relevant one—“What is in the womb?”  How this question is answered determines whether elective abortion is a civil or indecent exercise of liberty.

     Justice Blackmun, author of the official decision in the infamous Roe v. Wade, recognized this much, saying, “If the suggestion of personhood [of the unborn] is established, the appellant’s case (i.e., elective abortion), of course, collapses, for the fetus’ right to life is then guaranteed specifically by the [Fourteenth Amendment]” (Roe, 410 U.S., 157—58).  Has the status of the unborn since been established, though?  Yes.

     Marshaled witnesses are heard from modern embryologists, who unanimously and repeatedly affirm that a genetically distinct, individual human life is present from conception.  Also, in 1981, after exhaustive testimony from top experts in every relevant field, a bill was passed by the U.S. Senate that declared, “Physicians, biologists, and other scientists agree that conception marks the beginnings of the life of a human being...There is overwhelming agreement on this point” (S-158, 97th Congress, 1st Session 1981, 7).  

     In conclusion, it’s been seen that the pro-abortionists’ incessant appeals to “choice” and “liberty” lead to indecent rather than civil liberty.  Conversely, by recognizing the proper priority of life over liberty, which is a necessary condition of a healthy society, and that the unborn shares human life with the rest of its community, the pro-life case is sound, valid, and tenable.  Hence, any system of law claiming justice and equity exists, first, to protect its innocent lives; the unborn is an innocent, human life from conception, and therefore demands the protection of our legal system, if, that is, we wish to ever claim again the virtues of justice and equity for all.

Kevin Stevenson,

Big Island

Social change by



    To understand Obama and most Democrats is to understand the concept of implementing social change through government contacting and policies.

    I attended a government contract law class back in the Carter Administration and first heard the phrase,  “Implementing Social Change Through Government Contracting.”

    A lot of people have different ideas of what the change is, but I believe the real change is from the Christian Lifestyle to the Atheistic Lifestyle.  Some say you can have both, but the reality is the government policies were setup to favor the Christian Lifestyle and now Obama and the democrats want to change government policies to favor the Atheistic Lifestyle.     There is no question that the tax code favors the Christian Lifestyle over the Atheistic Lifestyle.

    Democrats are perfectly valid in their statement that favoring one group over another is not just, except that there is just reason to favor good over evil.

    Some would say that there is no justification of defining the Christian Lifestyle as good, nor defining the Atheistic Lifestyle as evil, but I believe that is easily proven.

    The major elements of the Atheistic Lifestyle are extreme environmentalism, socialism, feminism, pornography, abortion, adultery, and homosexuality.  All of these are condemned by the Bible; lead to disease, death and destruction; thus are evil. ...The American people thought the change that Obama was talking about was to stop the Iraq War and to restore jobs, but they were greatly deceived by the Atheistic Liberal News Media that is the propaganda wing of the Democratic party and which totally support the implementation of the Atheistic Lifestyle.

    The real agenda of Obama and the Democrats is to implement the Atheistic Lifestyle by government contracting and policies.

    Obama would like to invoke the Class Warfare statement that the rich have an obligation to help the poor so taxes are justified, but there is another question that can be raised.  Why should the righteous have to pay for the mistakes of the unrighteous through massive health care/welfare when the Bible clearly states that adultery and homosexuality are evil?

    Too many Christians are just setting back thinking the change from the government favoring the Atheistic Lifestyle over the Christian Lifestyle just will not occur.  Too many Christians say both the Democrats and Republicans are corrupt, but Christians need to regain control of the Republican party by nominating and supporting Christian candidates.

    Christians are going to have to regain control of the news media and the government or the government will implement the Atheistic Lifestyle and the children of Christians will suffer and be lead into the Atheistic Lifestyle.  I offer the following Web site for Christians to understand the second phase of Homosexual Marriage.  www.massresistance.org

Clifford D. Russell