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Needed: More job fairs


    On behalf of the Bedford County Ministerial Association I’d like to thank Thaxton Baptist Church for holding a job fair on Friday, May 15. On that day representatives of 12 companies that are hiring met with 30 people who came looking for work. I have no idea of the results but I’ll bet somebody who was unemployed on May 15 will be working soon, if not working already, as a result of that job fair. If so then every bit of work that went into that event was worth it.

    I’d also like to challenge the rest of the churches in our community to go and do likewise and hold job fairs of their own. I’m sure Thaxton Baptist is not the only church in our community that cares about the unemployed. I’m sure many Christian pastors and worshippers would like to help people who have been laid off if they knew something they could do. Now we have an example of something to do.

    What if every week in the Bedford Bulletin there was an announcement of a job fair at one of our churches? What if as a result of many job fairs many people in Bedford County began to find jobs as a result of these job fairs and our unemployment rate started to go down? What if God wants to use His churches to be a force in lowering unemployment in our community? Isn’t it worth a try to see if we can make a difference?

    And to all the secular readers, why aren’t you doing this too? If you scoff at churches and at religion why isn’t your lodge, your business, your civic organization holding job fairs and trying to help people find work? I’m sure the people who have to get food baskets from Bedford Christian Ministries appreciate your donations. But I’ll bet most of them would rather be working and buying their own groceries.

    What is involved in holding a job fair? I’ll bet the folks at Thaxton Baptist would be glad to tell you what they did if you ask.

    Once again, thanks to Thaxton Baptist for what you did for unemployed people and for the fine example for the rest of our community. I hope I’ll get to say that to a lot more churches and organizations.


Rev. Geoff Hubbard, President

Bedford County Ministerial Association

The new rules

    This is a response to Mr. Hensley’s letter of May 20.  I am a local grower and a vendor at the Bedford Farmer’s Market.  I have also been a member of the Market Committee for the last four years.  Since I’ve lived in Bedford County for only five growing seasons, I can’t speak to the historical practices of the market.  I can speak to the ideas that inform the new rules.

    The market is supposed to be a central location where our friends and neighbors can find local fresh food and crafts at definite times.  The “boot camp” rules are common-sense, and almost exactly what I have seen at every other fair, festival, or farmer’s market I have participated in; simple rules about arriving on time, keeping your table area clean, and cleaning up after yourself when you leave.  The $10/table/day fee has not changed in  four years.   Everything sold at the market must be Virginia grown or made.  This keeps the money changing hands in the community, and it ensures that our customers are buying produce that is as fresh as possible, with the smallest carbon footprint.  It also helps keep prices down by keeping transportation costs down.  It ensures that our customers know who they’re buying from and what gardening practices are used to produce the food they’re buying for their families.

    Mr. Hensley’s main complaint seems to be that things aren’t the way they used to be.  I haven’t seen him at the market committee meetings…the proper first step in airing disagreements.  We have received input from vendors (vendors make up the committee), and we would welcome more ideas from the growers in our community.  I would urge Mr. Hensley to get more involved in the committee and channel his commitment to the community in positive ways.  We are committed to making the Bedford Farmer’s Market a viable alternative to long-distance food and unhealthy growing practices.  We think our neighbors deserve that.

Shelley Starr


Stop, look, read

    American Electric Power is now applying for another rate increase after getting two large rate increases last year.

    Gas was selling for $3.69-$3.99 a gallon when they received a rate increase.

    Gas dropped to $1.39-$1.49 a gallon and now is selling for $2.15-$2.29 a gallon and I have not seen any decrease in our electric bill.

    Let’s see now:

    A.E.P.’s CEO makes approximately $4 million a year.

    The President of the U.S. only makes $400,000 a year.

    Oh yes; this doesn’t count the other over-paid officer’s and employees.

    Oh yes; what about the perks, parties, dinners, events and socializing?

    Oh yes; what about all the real estate they own and where did the money go from the sale of real estate in one of the over seas country’s.

    I protest the new rate request and believe the S.C.C. should cut the rates granted last year.

    A.E.P. needs to cut, and get their house in order.

    To protest the rate increase write State Corp. Commission, Clerk’s Office- Document Control Center, P.O. Box 2118- PUE 200900038 and 39, Richmond VA 23218.

Raymond McNulty


County fair needed

    The first sentence in the lead story in the Bulletin of Wednesday, 5-13-09 says “Bedford County still boasts a large number of farms.”

    This makes me think it would be good for almost everyone if we could have an old fashioned county fair.

    Falling Creek Park would be a perfect location. There are ample facilities there along with the big red barn. There is plenty of room to display animals, vegetables, canned goods, equipment, etc.

    After all- “Bedford County still boasts a large number of farms.”

Herbert M. White


Purpose of


    This might seem like a strange subject to be discussing considering America is over 200 years old, but the reality is that the Obama Administration is in the process of changing the government.

    Democrats say government should provide for the people and Republicans say the government should protect the people.  If you are on welfare or need health care you will probably agree with Democrats, but if you are the one paying for the welfare and health care you will probably side with the Republicans and probably ask if those on welfare and needing health care are doing enough to prevent their needing welfare and health care.

    Should government be responsible for paying for the welfare/health care of children whose fathers will not provide for them?  Should the government pay for a liver transplant for an alcoholic?  Should the government pay for AIDS medication?  The Democrats want Universal Health Care to force those that do not need health care to pay for those who want health care.

    I Timothy 5:8 states, “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”

    Universal Health Care will be a lot like Social Security.  Social Security sounds nice, but it is a way for children to avoid their responsibility to their parents.   The Bible would consider Social Security as corban.  No one has ever figured out how to pay for Social Security.  In 1991 the maximum a person paid was $6,620 and in 2009 they will pay $13,243, and even with that, they are saying Social Security is going broke.

    With a federal tax rate of 15 percent, a state tax rate of 5 percent and a Social Security tax rate of 12 percent, you spend at least one third of your money on someone else.   Universal Health Care could easily be another 15 percent tax rate.  Then 50 percent of your work will be for the government to redistribute to people that are not doing enough to prevent their needing welfare and health care.

    When someone stated there was a $20 billion fraud associated with Medicare, AARP defended by saying there was only $10 billion.   Big government programs are very wasteful, make America uncompetitive, and discourage hard work.

    I liked the statement, “Don’t spread my wealth, spread my work ethic.”

    Social programs always increase in cost and increase at a greater rate than the economy.  If a company makes a mistake, it can go bankrupt, but if a government makes a mistake, millions die.

    Interestingly, the same question exists in religion.  Did Jesus come to earth the serve people or the provide salvation for people.  Liberal Christians say Jesus came to earth to serve people and Conservative Christians would say Jesus came to provide salvation for people.  Generally, Liberal Christians only want to talk about God’s love and do not want to discuss God’s righteousness.

    I do not believe the socialism of the Democrats will work, but they surly can put America into debt for many years with the massive spending programs associated with Socialism.  I believe tax increases and inflation are just around the corner, since there does not seem to be an earthly way to stop the implementation of Socialism by the Democrats.

    Sorry to see David McLoughlin continues to put his faith in the 3 percent.  The reason evolution is a lie is that evolutionists cannot produce life from nonliving matter.  God breathed life into the dust of the earth.

Clifford D. Russell


Not a hymn for church

    The “Battle Hymn of the Republic” ought to be parodied, satirized, and lampooned. It has nothing to do with God or Christianity. It is not a Christian hymn. It does not belong in a Christian hymnbook. It should not be sung in any Christian church – Northern or Southern. It should not be on the lips of any Christian – Yankee or Southerner. It is partisan political paean to bogus history and faulty theology.

    For much too long Christians have sung this “hymn” with religious fervor while remaining in ignorance as to its history and theology. For much too long pastors and song leaders have included this “hymn” in church services without stopping to consider whether it is an appropriate song for a Christian worship service. Disparaging the singing of this song has nothing to do with being a Confederate sympathizer, or being unpatriotic or anti-Lincoln, but it has everything to do with exercising biblical discernment. It is unimaginable that this particular song has gained such wide usage in churches, especially when sung in Southern churches. Even the latest television commercial relating to the National D-Day  Memorial here in Bedford has the “Battle hymn of the Republic” in the background, a slap in the face of the southern men who fought in that conflict. 

    While My Country Tis of thee, .God Bless America and others are often sidetracked with this one, it would seem that more traditional songs in tune with “Christian beliefs” should be chosen.

    First, it is “not” a religious song, if it were; things being as they are it wouldn’t be sung in the public schools. Let’s consider Mrs. Julia Ward Howe’s (the author) own religious beliefs: she was a Unitarian, and as such did not believe that the bible was inspired, nor did she believe that Christ was the Son of God, nor did she believe in a judgment to come. While the song relies heavily on bible symbolism, it is clearly meant to be a call for war. As a Unitarian, Julia Ward Howe believed the Unitarian doctrine that man is characteristically good and he can redeem himself by his own merits without any help from a savior. To Mrs. Howe and her fellow abolitionists, the Southern people were evil incarnate, they were beyond redemption, fit only to be bound and tossed into the pits of Hell.

    The words call for something more than war. They speak of total war, of Armageddon; they call for no mercy or quarter. The war between the Federal and Confederate factions is not a contest between nations, between two peoples, but between God and the forces of Hell. To Mrs. Howe, the salvation of the world begins not with the vanishing of sin by the Savior, but as a result of the destruction of the South by the Northern Armies. “He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored.” The vintage symbolizes the blood of the Southern people. The spilling of Southern blood is justified as God’s judgment of the Southern people. The loss of Northern blood also serves God’s purpose. “He is sifting out the hearts of men before his judgment seat.”

    Is this the criteria that a minister would want to present in a message to the congregation? Can a man go to Heaven through military service? Is this the criteria that a song leader would want to present to the congregation in song?

    On both Memorial Day in May, July 4, and Armistice Day (Veterans Day) in November, song leaders in churches everywhere must consider what music is appropriate for the occasion. It would seem that they would wish to choose music that is not offensive to either those with either Northern or Southern ancestry, more importantly; they might wish to choose something not offensive to Christians, and especially Southerners, such as the “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

David Hubbard