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Supports Cuccinelli

    Recently an elected official stated, “There is no God who condones taking the life of an innocent human being. This much we know.” Hearing that statement you might assume that person is pro-life…

    How President Obama can say that “there is no God who condones taking the life of an innocent human being,” when he himself favors a woman’s right to have an abortion under any circumstance?

    It is because generations of Americans have now been taught that truth is subjective. You have your truth, I have mine. And, even worse, I can’t “inflict” my version of truth on you. So politicians tell us over and over that they can’t allow their personal faith to affect their views on public policy.  Let me introduce you to a politician who does allow his faith to affect his views on public policy.

    State Senator Ken Cuccinelli, (District 37) is one such politician.  He is a staunch supporter of home education, school choice and parental rights.

    In a hostile Senate, Ken has been a leading advocate for unborn children.  He drafted the parental consent law in 2003.  Last year he introduced an amendment to Virginia’s budget to remove funding (our tax dollars) for Planned Parenthood.

    In 2006 he was one of only two legislators in Northern Virginia to campaign publicly for the marriage amendment.

    His freshman year he led the fight against the 2002 Sales Tax Increase.  In 2004 he opposed Governor Warner’s largest tax increase in VA history. In 2006 he successfully led the opposition to Governor Kaine’s plans for tax increases.

    He is a defender of 2nd amendment rights and private property rights.

    He understands the importance of working in Virginia legally.

    Ken is a rare politician – he talks the talk and his voting record shows that if he says it, he will vote that way.

    I urge you to support his campaign as our next Attorney General.


Janet Robey,


Accepts Climate Change

    I have to disagree with John Barnhart regarding Climate Change.

    Two years ago 2000+ Climatologists and Meteorologists met in Brussels, Belgium. They not only overwhelmingly agreed that Climate Change is a distinct problem but stated that mankind is part of the problem; 90 percent of the scientists around the world agree with this assessment. 

    Tom Perriello and others in Congress realize the seriousness of this and know that we can’t wait until parts of the world are a desert or covered under a sheet of ice and snow before we act. We Americans, as we so often need to do, have to take the first step and try to lead other countries to follow. China and India, the greatest polluters of all may or may not follow suit. If they don’t we might as well throw in the towel. Every new breakthrough is met with resistance, but we simply can’t wait until everybody on the planet agrees there is a problem. That will be too late. (In fact it may be too late already. If that is the case we can continue on our merry way.)

    For those interested in looking at both sides of this issue go to Google and type in The Scientific Method so you can better understand how grave topics like Climate Change are researched. Start with Wikopedia and click on their blue-shaded words. As you go, try to understand that you can’t look at one or two pieces of research that you agree with and then make some sweeping pronouncement.

    If you like to read, try The National Geographic and Scientific American. They will lead you to hundreds of other books covering both sides of the issue.  Then, go back to Google and type in The Greenhouse Effect and look at some of the thousands of articles available. Now, Google Climate Change and you will be avalanched with more thousands of pieces of research, both pro and con.

     Look at both sides of this complex frustrating problem.  Try to understand that when scientists change their minds it is because new facts have come to light, not because they are fickle and absent minded. Like a lot of other people I was skeptical when Climate Change was brought out many years ago, but gradually went with the majority as the data came in.

    The world is like a giant boat and we are all in it. If one end sinks the whole boat sinks. Yes, it will cost a huge amount of money to start solving the problem but so will doing nothing! As one of those pesky Independent, Centrists I have to ask you what kind of a world do you want to leave your grandchildren?


Robert E. Dixon  


Thank you

    I take this opportunity that otherwise may not have occurred, had it not been for a very caring community. This past Thursday July 2, 2009, I was truly given a second chance at life; which can still slip away at any moment, thus this letter of thanks. Words themselves can only begin to express my gratitude.

    They say, “Tough guys don’t cry.” Well, I guess I’m the sappy sort. As I compose this letter  of thanks to the caring community of which I and my family have been a part of for over a century and a half, my emotions  are running wild.

     First, I would like thank my wife. As anyone who knows her, will agree, is very much an angel among angels .

    Second, the folks at Bedford Memorial Hospital who reluctantly kept me overnight until test results only partially reveled my life threatening ailment. A healthy OX is not always as healthy as he seems.

    Third, the team of Lynchburg General Hospital and the Stroobants Heart Center of Virginia who have not only proven again “They Are The Best” but, went out of their way to serve me and show me how very much, these people care. Many of these people came to check on  me time and time again, go get things the hospital didn’t have for both Sharon and I. Several times after their shifts have ended.

    Fourth, my family, in-laws and all, who notified our churches and started the thousands of prayers that spanned the globe and continue to be felt to this moment.

    And lastly, those hundreds who have visited, phoned, e-mailed, sent cards and gifts, and worked with Sharon to get the house ready for me to come home.

James Jones, Jr.