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Reason to be proud

    Bedford has reason to be proud! As we watch the disruptive Town Hall meetings across the country, we can point with pride to the recent meeting held at Bedford Elementary School by  our representative in the Fifth District, Tom Perriello.

    Although he had expected to meet with constitutions on a one-to-one basis, he found over three hundred people waiting at the school to be heard.

    As a member of a small group supporting Representative Perriello, I watched the entire event with apprehension. It was evident that most opposed his views on health care and other issues. However, with few exceptions, the meeting remained civil. The group responded to the more agitated speakers with applause but with no hint of the violence that has characterized other gatherings.

    Tom Perriello, with his calm demeanor and oblivious respect for all his constitutions, conducted an orderly meeting. Every person who wanted to speak was given the opportunity and received a respectful, informed response from him.

    I believe that Perriello’s success as a Congressman is due to his respect for all citizens and his deep belief in our democratic form of government which is evidenced by these meetings.            


Eleanor W. English



    If you want to read a total bunch of lies, read Perriello’s message to us, his constituency. Each and every item in this letter is a lie or an implied, non factual fact.

    1.   The first paragraph makes it sound like he stopped the House from voting on the Healthcare bill.  Nonsense!

    2.   The third paragraph says the Health Bill will eliminate the “Donut Hole” in Medicare.  Yes, it is slated to be eliminated in 2023. I will be 93 when and if that happens.

    Perriello says, in the same paragraph, that drug manufacturers would phase in up to 50 percent discounts on drugs while in the “Donut”.  Another total lie. he truth is, according to PhRMA, the brand-name drug manufacturers’ lobby, is “We won’t know how this discount program works until we see it               written into health reform legislation. (And it won’t happen at all if that legislation does not become law—PhRMA has been clear about that.) I’ve also read that Obamacare 50 percent drug discount has a yearly limit on it which states the amount the total discounts Pharmaceutical Companies will pay.                       3.   Paragraph three is out and out fabrication.  If the Government has not been able to reduce fraud in all these years, how come they’ll suddenly be able to do so in Obamacare?  Same goes for the Medicare Trust Fund.  That’s been a joke all these years.  Suddenly the politicians will stop stealing       money from it?

    4.   Paragraph four is ridiculous fluff and plainly untrue.  I’ve never heard anyone complain about the lack of doctors anywhere in the US.  He goes ahead and says “Congress will invest significantly in the training of new primary care physicians, nurses, and public health professionals.”  What does significantly really mean?  He goes on to say “It would increase funding for the National Health Service Corps to address health workforce shortages in high-need areas . . . . “  Again, what does increase mean?  What does address mean? Pure, nonsensical fluff.

    5.   Paragraph five is the worst case of misleading information I’ve seen in a long time.  What, exactly, does “. . . . guarantee a specific set of health benefits . . . . . “  mean?

    It is obvious that Perriello thinks he knows much more than the thousands of people he represents.  It is also obvious that Perriello doesn’t care that he’s received thousands of letters, emails, faxes and phone calls asking him to vote against Obamacare.  He’s going to vote straight Party line no matter what his constituency asks him to do.  No one invited the Government to help the automobile companies, the banks or the insurance companies.  This is all preposterous.

    I guess we’ll have to grin and bear the Obamacrat puppets attempt to destroy our Country and vote these guys out the next election.

Serge Popper


The Good Samaritan – how about you?

    It should be known that Dale Wheeler has the compassion in his heart to care for and be responsible to other creatures! He, willingly volunteered out of his heart, to pay for shots and spaying and neutering of a mother lab-mix and her pup, if someone would adopt those poor creatures from the county pound.

    How about you – “the people” of Bedford County and City, doing your responsibility and giving love, giving homes to innocent creatures in the county pound, and do not neglect nor abandon those creatures which you now have in your homes and supposedly love?

    Someone dumped that mother dog and pup out on Timber Ridge Road, and they got “called-in” by a snooty Yankee, and Dale has the compassion to care and the responsibility to offer to help them. Now, time for you to care and take responsibility. Adopt an innocent, abandoned dog or cat, and keep and love those that you have.

Samuel Edmund Coffey



gun law

    The concealed gun law that would permit the carrying of your concealed weapon in other parts of the country was defeated here in Virginia.

    But let it be known that on 22 July 2004, then, President George W. Bush signed into law  - “Bill H.R. 218” giving active duty police officers, off-duty police officers, authorization to carry throughout  the nation, and anywhere in the nation, with their proper I.D. and concealed gun permit, their concealed weapon.

Daniel A. Villarial

Retired Washington D.C. Policeman


Importance to Americans

    I received an email from the White House today (8-9-09).  It was from David Axelrod on Health Care Reform.  No doubt millions of my fellow Americans received it too.   After reviewing the email and its content, I sent David a reply to express my opinion.  Because of the importance of this matter to Americans, I share it with you too.

    Dear David Axelrod:

    I appreciate the email you sent stating, “It’s time for a reality check” and I appreciate the information it contains and connects me to.

    I think all Americans recognize that our general Health Care System needs attention and correction.  That said, (from a person who has traveled rather extensively) is arguably the best in the world when it comes to providing research, health care solutions, and treatment.  In my opinion, it is not the Health Care System that needs changing but the terrible abuse in our legal system and response from our insurance companies who both need to be brought back into a reasonable game.

    The single greatest concern I have with everything proposed in the Health Care Reform Bill is the fact that government is imposing itself upon our society, trying to make policy on ethics and business decisions it has no business in.  Further, government control is a sure way to kill innovation, efficiency, and freedom.

    I vote to move back toward a government that empowers the individual and keeps itself free from temptation to believe it can do better than its collective population.

    Remember, it’s “We the people”!

Melvin Adams



Congressional approval

    I have been giving a lot of thought about the government in the wake of the healthcare debate, stimulus spending, and the cap and trade issues. One thing I have yet to figure out is why is congressional approval ratings are always so low. Or conversely, why is the disapproval rating so high? According to Real Time Politics, the congressional approval rating last week was sitting at 28 percent with a disapproval rating of 63 percent. In March the approval/disapproval of these members were 37perce t/52 percent, and the lowest in history of keeping such statistics, the ratings were 14 percent/76 percent in October of 2008.

    My own conundrum with these statistics is this: if these elected officials receive 50 percent of the vote in order to represent their districts/states, why should their approvals be so low? I am trying to reconcile the election percentages with the approval percentages. Or, more appropriately, reconciling the election percentages with the disapproval percentages. After eight short months in power, this congress is facing the same dismal polling numbers as the previous congresses. This brings me back to my question – why?

    Answers can be seen on several issues. First is the stimulus – many Americans were against the stimulus spending bill. The price was too high, the borrowing extreme, the projected results were not realistic. To make matters worse, we were told that we had to have this stimulus spending in place to ward off rising unemployment. Unemployment continued to rise, and continues to do so to this day.

    Then the word got out that the members of congress failed to read the bill. The very bill that promised to end the recession, put Americans back to work, and spend our way into prosperity, and we failed to read the bill before reading it. Boing – the voters’ ears perked up.

    The come the stories of the pork - $2 million here, $20 million there for projects ranging from turtle crossings to the funding of horror porn movies and “perv sites.” And the American people held their noses and continued to hold their breath. After all, we do have a lot riding on these people being correct, magnified by the fact the bills to date have been passed without benefit of being read.

    Cash for Clunkers comes along through the stimulus bill and voila! We have a spurt in economic activity as people begin to purchase new cars through public money give-aways. There are significant problems with the C4C program. The program is not sustainable. The results will only show that the sales of auto makers will have increased for a brief period of time. However without the underpinning of a soundly-operating economy to support it, the auto makers are going to find the car sales to return to the levels they were prior to the C4C program took place.

    The C4C program was to be funded for four months for $1 billion. The program was found to be so widely popular; the C4C program ran out of money three months early, demonstrating the inability of the administration to understand the basic economic/human behavior interfacing that occurs with such programs. This miscalculation is proving to seriously undermine the credibility of the remainder of the legislative agenda.

    It is unclear how much additional car buying is really going on. Without the cash incentive, it is unclear what percentage of vehicle sales would not have transpired. These sales levels cannot be sustained. Therefore the auto manufacturers are liable to fall into a trap of returning workers back to their jobs only to see that sales have fallen off again, thus causing the auto makers to release workers once again.

    The C4C program rewards those who have not been concerned about fuel efficiency before. Therefore, the program does not apply to those of us who may have been conscious of this before. The government once again chooses to reward bad behavior. This is the same mind set that brought us the housing bubble that caused the economic collapse. The American auto consumer is being trained to wait for government subsidies before buying a car, not unlike a classic “Christmas season” mentality.

    The actions of congress in the Cash for Clunkers program has provided the consumer with the unwillingness to pay full price for a new car. Why pay full price? We’ll just wait until the next government bailout comes along. Short-sighted results without providing structural stability.

    Now, what was my question? Oh, yes. Why does the congress always seem to have such a low approval rating or such a high disapproval rating? I guess I will have to ponder this question a little longer.

Bradford C. Archer