Letters to the editor 4/16/08

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Letters to the editor

Historic Big Otter Mill

Ever wonder about that tall, beautiful red structure on Big Island Highway? It?s the historic Big Otter Mill (formerly Forbes Mill) and it is finally undergoing the restoration it deserves.

The Mill was built in the 1920s and served the community until the end of the 1940s. It is both a grist mill and roller mill. When the milling operations ceased in 1949, the doors were closed and all the original equipment was left inside. Remarkably all of this is still intact. The Mill is on the National Historic Register.

The goals for the restoration include preservation of this local treasure, restoring the operations of the Mill, and opening the Mill to the public for tourism and education. We also hope to have an archeology study done of the site and perhaps have summer work camps for the school children.

Fundraising is underway to restore this mill. It is a big project and we need your help.

On Saturday, April 26, the Big Otter Mill Foundation will sponsor a yard sale on the site. Tours of the Mill will be available on that day.

Can you help us? Donations of items to sell at the yard sale are welcome as are cash donations. All proceeds go directly to the renovation projects. Donations are tax deductible.

Please contact Becky Wuergler, 540 871 0858 or Carlton Toms, 540 586 2107 if you can assist in this worthwhile project. If you have items to donate, please call for pick up or delivery instructions.

Please help all you can. And come on Saturday, April 26 and tour this fascinating building.

Becky O?Connor-Wuergler,

Chairman, Big Otter Mill Foundation




April 13 thru April 19, 2008 is National Animal Control Officers Appreciation Week. Let?s take this special week to recognize and be thankful for our dedicated and hard working Officers who put their lives on the line daily to help and protect the public and animals of Bedford County. Thank You!

Annette Miller, Secretary

Bedford Humane Society, Inc

Fear and


Some people deal with Rick Howell as an annoyance they would not associate with.

I appreciate Rick Howell because he lets the Bedford area know what the New York Atheist Liberal News Media and the democrats are really thinking. Most Democrats hide their true intent, but Rick Howell just blurts it out.

I fear Rick Howell because his associates have great power to control domestic policy, foreign policy, and the law, by controlling elections. That power was obvious when Democrats gained control of Congress in 2006. People like Jim Webb were elected to office based only on their hate for President Bush and the Iraq War. Nancy Pelosi said the Democrats were going to solve the nation?s problems in 100 days, but the Democrats have done nothing good for America nor for Virginia.

The terrorists nations of Gaza, Syria and Iran still exist in the Middle East and many bloody battles will be fought, but because of the brilliance of President Bush and the Republicans, America has a base in Iraq that makes it possible to control the Middle East and keep it from falling back into the hands of terrorists that would attack America again.

It takes a great propaganda organization like the New York Atheistic Liberal News Media to convince the people that Democrats really offer good change.

All the Democrats offer in 2008 is more change, that is bad change. Democrats, Rick Howell, Jim Webb, John Murtha, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama were all wrong about the Iraq War. The opinions of Democrats should never be given credence on any issues. Republicans get blamed for solving problems created by Democrats. Better to keep Republicans in control of the government to prevent problems instead of electing democrats that cause problems.

The best way to let Rick Howell know how you think is to vote Republican. Some may say that there are good democrats, but I say they have bad judgment for staying in the democratic party that supports extreme environmentalism, socialism, feminism, pornography, abortion, homosexuality and the Atheistic Lifestyle.

Clifford D. Russell