Lettrers 04/27/11

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Bedford Rotary Club thanks Applebee’s

    The Bedford Rotary Club would like to thank the local Applebee’s for allowing them to hold a pancake breakfast fundraiser on Saturday, April 9. With their generous support and help the Bedford Rotary Club raised more than enough funds for a Disaster Relief Shelter Box to help those in need somewhere in the world. Thanks to Applebee’s for its community support.

Bill Blewitt
Bedford Rotary Club president

Children paying the price

    Well, here we are once again, our school system and our children paying the price. 
    I do not understand how elected officials (some who have highly educated children, educated here) cannot see the importance of education.  How do we let Bedford County school children rank at the bottom of the pile for per child spending?  How do we let our teachers continue to pay the price for teaching in Bedford? 
    Oddly, this problem did not just happen this year.  My children are 32 and 36 and when they were in Bedford County Schools, funding for programs was then being cut which resulted in my sending them to private school for a more challenging course of study once they reached high school age.  Not everyone has that choice, nor can they homeschool if they have to be out in the workforce to support their family.  However, our county may pay the price of more children being moved from the county or homeschooled because their education is simply not a priority for Bedford County.
    Most intelligent people know when business or industry look to locate to an area, their first priorities are what kind of educational system is in place and what is offered for families to participate in (recreational programs, YMCA, etc).  Sadly most of our new business locates to the Forest area because of its close proximity to Lynchburg and their offerings.  Most of the residents, businesses and industry of Forest know the value of education and have been able to donate to their  underfunded schools to make sure the children are not suffering and have what they need academically to achieve.  It is unfortunate that they have to do so and equally frustrating that some parents are unable to provide this in other sections of the county, and not because they don’t want to. 
    Everyone believes in educating children and we all feel that very heart of our country that education is important and the basis for having a viable community.  Where would our doctors, scientist, lawyers, teachers, supervisors and even our laborers come from without some type of education?  We felt funding for schools simply could not and would not be ignored.  Boy were we fooled based on the stand our County Board of Supervisors took towards education.  Would this have happened if their children were still in the education system?
    Yes, I do work in the school system (in the central office) but anyone who knows me knows I make up my own mind about issues and am not afraid to express my opinion.  My job has not influenced my point of view.  It saddens me that education has taken a back seat in this community.  I can also say that I have not seen one Board of Supervisor member come into our offices to ask our Finance Director about how the budget was prepared, what hard decisions were made in order to balance a budget that is continually cut at the national, state and local level and how the decision was reached to look at the closing of some of our schools.  Therein lies the real problem. 
    When given the opportunity to question how those decisions were reached, the County Board of Supervisors did not ask any questions of those present from the schools.  They instead took this as an opportunity to treat a citizen who comes before them with less respect than they deserve and did it in an open forum.  I am also disturbed that the Chairman of the Board did not call that person down and inform them that this was a budget session and not an attack on any one person.  How can you conduct a meeting when you allow such outbursts?  Our school board chair had the same situation happen, however she informed those present that a meeting is not a public attack on anyone and would not be allowed.  What is our country coming to if we do not give respect to each other and take the time to talk and try to understand each others point of view.  We may not agree but at least we showed an interest and respect in each others point of view. 
    Let me also say that I would have much preferred my children to have been in one school for elementary, middle and high school.  Prior to my sending them to Seven Hills and Holy Cross, they had to change schools.  From the Primary school to the yellow building at what is now not being used on the Middle school campus, and then to the brick building that is now Bedford Middle.  Why should the children in the Liberty zone be treated differently than those in the Staunton River zone and the Forest zone?  Those zones do not have a separate K-2 school.  They have a true elementary, middle and high school experience. 
    I personally think that having a second grader adjust to the changing of schools, getting adjusted to new children and new teachers that they have not seen is challenging enough.  Then to have them thrown into SOL testing in the third grade on top of those changes can be hard on a child.  Of course that testing is a whole other matter!  I can also understand the parent’s argument for having a smaller school for their children.  What parent would not want a tiny school for their children where they are not one of hundreds?  Our county Board of Supervisors needs to step up and place education as a priority in our community and not focus so much on what schools are being closed.  That is not their job; their job is to provide the funding for our children that need educational support.  Our school system needs to make the hard decisions that are fiscally responsible in order to provide that education with the monies that are received.
    It is unfortunate that the Board of Supervisors took a “let me show them approach” to our school system and the responsibilities they have to our citizens and the children of Bedford County to provide funding for a quality education.  What will our country and county become if education is not a priority?

Charlene Davis Scott


    In the April 5 edition of the Lynchburg News & Advance there was an article titled “Bedford Primary closure included in schools budget; supervisors critical.” In addressing the School Superintendent Supervisor Dale Wheeler was quoted, “You asked me to put my political career on the line and I did it to find out that I've been bamboozled.”
    While I agree with his opinion not to close Bedford Primary, I am appalled to learn that he thinks more about his political career than representing the people of Bedford County. Even though worrying about a political career on the national and state level is fashionable today, there is no place in local politics for this action. Perhaps the citizens of Bedford County who elected him have been “bamboozled” by Mr. Wheeler!

Gordon Eubank

April is OT month

    Have you or someone you know ever become injured or impaired and could no longer perform their daily tasks?  The common concern is whether the person will return to their previous level of functioning, prior to injury or impairment. 
    Occupational therapists work with those individuals to improve their ability to perform tasks within their daily life.  A common misconception about occupational therapy (OT) is that it solely focuses on people with paid occupations.  As defined by the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), an occupation is any meaningful activity(s) that a person performs on a daily basis that occupy their time.  This includes: self-care, productive, and/or leisure activities. 
    Occupational therapists are trained to work with people of all ages in a variety of settings that include: hospitals, nursing homes, schools, rehabilitation centers, mental health facilities, private practice children’s clinics and home health.  Some of the common OT interventions/activities include, but are not limited to: training in activities of daily living (ADL); education and training with adaptive equipment; splinting; pain management; post-surgical or post-injury education; desensitization of scars, amputations, and burns; energy conservation; ergonomic and activity modification at home and work; community re-integration; sensory and cognitive training; and education for caregivers and guardians. 
    April is OT Month, and the goal is to educate the general public about what OT has to offer and who may benefit from the provided services.  For more information or questions about the field of OT and/or qualifications to become involved in this expanding field, please refer to http://www.aota.org/. 

Ashley Riffee
the oath

    About 50 years ago, I became a naturalized citizen of the United States, when I swore a solemn oath before a Federal judge to defend this nation, and the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and I have endeavored to do so to the best of my ability. Upholding that oath has not been easy; it has been extremely difficult. I have watched exactly the same political disasters take place, first in Britain, then in Canada, and lastly in the United States, so to me it is just like watching a re-run on television for the third time. The excuses are always the same, “Well it’s a complex society, so we had to do this.” And so on.
    Finally a political miracle has actually taken place. A commission was set up, “The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report” (also known as the Angelides Commission) and they investigated the political and financial history of this country, going back many, many years, and named names, who did what, how what they did caused some financial disaster or other to happen. Now the Warren Commission examined the assassination of President Kennedy, and decided the cause of his death was lead poisoning, and the commission examining the collapse of all three buildings on 9/11 was due to “gravity” (without conducting one single failure analysis on any of the steel beams, which were shipped immediately to China, and are now no doubt in Walmart in the form of toasters or garden implements).
    I can remember when I was a teenager, discussing with my father, who was a newspaper editor, the financial situation, and the new Glass-Steagall Act, which was to prove so successful in limiting the  overwhelming financial speculation, such as what we are seeing right now. The Glass-Steagall Act was repealed in 1999, which set off the devastating speculation in “derivatives” (which are nothing more than horse-racing bets between bankers). The Bretton Woods System set up after WWI to minimize currency fluctuations between different countries, which established fixed rates. Without this international trade was almost impossible. President Nixon abolished that system many years ago.
    In 1907 a group of students led by Upton Sinclair investigated the political situation, and found out that about 30 families controlled just about everything in this country. Most of those students were neutralized in one way or another. Now we have the same sort of “vampire economy” where a few hundred, or a few thousand control everything. It would only cost a half billion dollars to give the entire government one million dollars to get any law passed that one wanted passed. With “quantitative easing,” there are lots of people receiving that kind of money. I can remember Chris Dodd senior in Connecticut piloting the Bill through Congress written expressly to obtain preferential income tax treatment for one single Hollywood movie director. His son is now carrying on the good work in Washington now!
    The Angelides Report is about 600 pages long. It is quite clear that we are now entering a state of hyper-inflation such as Germany suffered right after WWI. Passing a second Glass-Steagall Act would do much to promote financial stability. I would like to see the County Supervisors pass a Resolution promoting a renewed Glass-Steagall Act, and then sending it to the Governor, and to Congress. Then I would like to see Bedford County citizens doing likewise. Bedford County could lead this country back to sanity and prosperity if they wanted to do it.

David Mends

Thanks for help

    The Moneta Lions Club continues to help people in the area through eyesight and hearing preservation and other programs. The outing helped raise essential monies for things over and above our time; equipment, screening, education and providing eye exams, eyeglasses, hearing aids and other equipment for the needy in the area.
    The Moneta Lions Club would like to thank the golfers that turned out and the many tournament sponsors and donors. The Platinum Sponsor level this year again was Preu Enterprises. The Gold Sponsors this year include Conrad Brothers Marine, Downtown Moneta/ Mayberry Hills and ServPro. The Major Sponsors this year include; All Seasons Marine Services, American National Bank, Bob Riddick Roofing, Camp Karma, Christian H. DePaul, CFP with Ameriprise Financial, Crystal Shores Marina Resort, LLC, Davenport Energy, Dick’s Sporting Goods – On Line, El Toreno Mexican Restaurant – Lakewatch, Enirtep, Inc., Fraternal Order of the Eagles SML AERIE 4344, Ginger’s Jewelry, Haley Toyota, Roanoke, Jazzercise Center – Westlake, Kroger – Mid Atlantic, Roanoke, Mariners Landing Resort Community, Mariners Landing Golf and Country Club, MaryLou McDonald L.L.C., M.L. Sutphin Insurance Agency, Midpoint Chevrolet, Rocky Mount, Moneta Farm & Home Center, Sam’s Club – Roanoke, Southside Electric Cooperative, StellarOne Bank, Moneta, Tuck Chiropractic Center, Vistar Eye Center, Webster Marine Center – Mark Mills and The Willard Companies, Inc.
    Golfer prizes included a new Sea-Doo w/Trailer for a "Hole-in-One" on #16 par-3 hole (Webster Marine), greens fees at Ashley Plantation, Botetourt Country Club, Blue Hills Golf Club, Hanging Rock, Ivy Hill, Mariners Landing (also 4 Rounds), The Waterfront and The Westlake, Gift Cards, Gift Certificates and other items of equipment and sportswear from local merchants.
    The Moneta Lions Club would also like to thank those area businesses that signed up as Hole Sponsors: All-Size Storage, Anthony D. Bailey D.D.S., Aztec Rental Center, Bayside Marina & Yacht Club, Bay’s Trash Removal, Inc., B B & T, Bryan D. Sicher, D.M.D., Body Camp Store, Carter’s Heating & Cooling, Debbie Robbins State Farm Ins., Dodson Bros. Exterminating, Dom Buccola Electrical Contractor, Dr. Richardson, DDS, Eastlake 122 Self Storage, El Toreno – Lakewatch, Eric J. Smith, Family Dentistry, Federal Exterminating Service, Fisher Auto Parts - Moneta, Franklin Community Bank – Westlake, Franklin Respiratory & Medical, Glenwood Oil & Automotive, Inc., Grand Home Furnishings, Harvey Dentistry SML, PC, H & R Block – Westlake, Hodnett Construction & Siding, Home Town Bank – Westlake, HTF Mechanical Services, Jeff Persinger – State Farm, Kinetico Watersystems SW VA, Lyons Jewelers – Bedford, Lyons Team Realtors, LLC, Marcus Cox & Sons, Inc., Mary Lou McDonald LLC – Realty World Properties, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, Phil Hager Insurance, Print-n-Paper – Westlake, Radio Shack – Westlake, Scott & Bond, Inc., Smith Mountain Lake Appraisal, SML Chiropractic Center, SML Family Practice, SML Parkway Realty – Dave Vaden, SML Signs & More, Smith Mountain Yacht Club, Steve Chiminello/ Long & Foster, Tail Twister - Moneta, Team Coachworks, Inc., Tharp Funeral Home & Crematory, The Lawn Ranger – Roanoke, Trinity Ecumenical Parish, Updike Funeral Home,Vogel & Cromwell, Wal*Mart Super Center – Bedford, Westlake Jewelry & Westlake Veterinary Medical Center.
    Many fine gifts were given by local and area businesses that were used as door and raffle prizes. Awards and prizes were given out after a fine dinner at the Saunders Fire house, catered by Adell’s Catering of Rocky Mount.
Lion Del Bailey
Golf Outing Chair and Treasurer
Lion Rob Senoski
Past Pres. and P.R.

The End of the World ... How near is it?

    Traveling on Route 460 just outside of Bedford near the Bedford Restaurant, no doubt you have observed a billboard sign which reads as follows: JUDGEMENT DAY May 21, 2011. Then follows a scripture verse taken from the Bible in Acts chapter 17 verses 30-31. I've copied it the way it is written on the billboard: "God .... now commandeth all men everywhere to repent: because He has appointed a day, in which He will judge the world." On the billboard is a picture of a clock showing the time as nearly 12:00 and then at the bottom an advertisement that reads: "Listen Now, Family Radio Roanoke 91.9 FM.
    If I am interpreting this correctly and I believe that I am, this radio station is attempting to say that the world will come to an end on May 21, 2011. Why they have chosen the date of May 21, 2011 I do not know? What I do know is this: They have not printed this scripture as it actually reads. If you will take your Bible with me and turn to the book of Acts chapter 17, verses 30-31. This is how it reads, "And the times of this ignorance God winked at, but now commanded all men everywhere to repent: Because he hath appointed a day, in which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that He hath raised him from the dead."
    Let's look at several points here: The scripture declares in verse 31 that "God hath appointed a day" emphasis on God. No where does it read that God has chosen May 21, 2011. Then it goes on to say the world will be judged in righteousness by "that man whom he hath ordained." That man is God's son, Jesus Christ, "whereof he hath given assurance unto all men." Back up to verse 30, "And the times of this ignorance God winked at." The word winked is translated to mean "overlooked." God does overlook and forgive man's ignorance and sin, but there is a catch to that. We must ask His forgiveness and come to him in genuine repentance. Nowhere in the Bible can you find that there will be only one day where mankind will have the opportunity to repent. Continue to keep in mind that "God hath appointed a day." May 21, 2011? Doesn't remotely even suggest that in these two scripture verses.
    If you are not convinced of what I am saying, let's look at some more scripture verses. I don't want you to take my word for it. Read the actual words of Jesus as recorded in Mark chapter 13 verse 32, "But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father. Take ye heed, watch and pray, for ye know not when the time is." That's very plain speaking and easy to understand. Even Jesus, the Son of God, declares that only God knows the day and even the hour. Notice the assurance in His words. The point He is emphasizing is "Take heed, watch and pray." In other words, "be ready." From an earthly viewpoint it would appear that since the angels in heaven and Jesus, God's Son, don't even know the day and the hour of this event, than how could some mere mortal man think they were even remotely qualified to declare May 21, 2011?
    Still not convinced? Let's turn over to the book of Second Peter chapter 3 verses 9-10. It reads as follows, "The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is long suffering to us - ward, not willing that nay should perish, but that all should come to repentance." Now pay close attention to this next verse! "But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up." May I point out here that God admonishes us constantly throughout the scriptures to trust in Him, turn to Him, repent and believe in Him with all your heart.
    Finally, let's examine this phrase, "a thief in the night." Don't get me wrong, I'm not making light of this, but hopefully everyone does have a little common sense. If a thief was going to break in your house and rob you, they would not send you word and say, "I am coming to your house on, let's just use a random date, hmmm, May 21, 2011.

Steve Everett

Thanks for Support

    CASA of Central Virginia’s 12th Annual Heart and Sole Shoe Sale was held April 8-10 in the Lynchburg Armory.  With the help of incredible volunteers and supporters, the event brought in over $70,000.  Because of sponsorships - which covered all of the expenses - every penny spent on shoes goes directly to support the mission of CASA. 
     CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates, and our volunteers advocate for abused and neglected children in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court System.  Since the Central Virginia CASA program began in 1989, over 400 CASA volunteers have stepped up to protect and provide a voice for over 2,700 abused and neglected children in our communities.  During the previous year, 93 volunteers devoted 7,682 hours to serving 429 children, nearly half under the age of six.  This was a 30% increase in the need for services from the former year. This year, the numbers continue to rise and we have already served over 420 children.
     Our vision is to provide a voice for every child, a safe, permanent and loving home, and hope for a brighter future.  With the community’s support we are getting closer to this vision, which brings me back to the Shoe Sale. 
     CASA of Central Virginia would like to thank all the volunteers, donors, community supporters and shoppers once again for making our work with children possible.  Special thanks must go to Consolidated Shoe Company which has supported the event from the first year and Wachovia, our Title Sponsor.  We look forward to seeing you in 2012.   
Kris Shabestar
CASA Board of Directors