Liberal Syndrome

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By John Barnhart

    I’ve often thought of liberals as being intellectually challenged. Then, a couple of months ago I saw  there is evidence that being liberal is caused by a genetic defect. A medical study, which appeared in The Journal of Politics this past fall, indicated that people with a specific variant of the DRD4 gene were more likely to be liberal as adults. Maybe somebody should start a campaign to find a cure for Liberal Syndrome. A liberal asylum has already been established for these poor souls. It’s called San Francisco.

    Now, after reading Rick Howell’s The Liberal Agenda last week, I have come to the conclusion that poor reading comprehension may be a part of Liberal Syndrome. Mr. Howell apparently didn’t understand my column of Oct. 20, to which he referred, as he ran two distinct parts of it together.
    I used the broken window analogy in reference to Iraq—I’ve used it before in relation to that war—to explain why we can’t just pull out of that war,  even though we shouldn’t have started it in the first place. We are morally obligated to make every effort to leave a stable Iraqi government behind when the last American soldier leaves.
    That was in the first six paragraphs. I then went on to contrast the war we could have avoided with the war in Afghanistan. I wrote:
    “We can’t pull out of Afghanistan for a different reason. President Barack Obama was correct in calling that war the necessary war. We invaded Afghanistan because the Taliban government had chosen to harbor Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. If we just leave, then the Taliban will come back and so will Al Qaeda.”
    But I guess people suffering from Liberal Syndrome are easily confused. He’s probably also confused about what it will take to “clean up the mess in our own country.” As the last two years have shown, liberals in general are confused about how to go about this.
    Take the economy, for example. A  well-designed Keynesian stimulus, in which the government steps in to pick up the slack from private demand, could have worked. The “Democrats’” stimulus bill, hastily passed into law in early 2009 was a poorly designed mess that did little beyond plugging holes in state and local budgets, something that only delayed the pain. We still ended up with persistent high unemployment, and a budget deficit that has soared to the moon.
    We had a health care system that had problems. Rapidly rising costs have made it hard for people to be able to pay for medical services or afford the costs of insurance. Granny Pelosi’s Liberal House Remedy has turned a mess into an even bigger mess. For most people, insurance costs ended up rising higher than they would have otherwise. Furthermore, medical service providers are going to consolidate in order to defend themselves, which will mean fewer choices and higher prices for you.
    And, speaking of higher prices, liberals have made every effort to save the world from global warming. They have been seeking measures that will do this by raising the cost of energy to the point that most of us won’t be able to afford to pay our utility bills, or get to work if we don’t happen to live within walking distance. It’s easy to see why they like this approach when you consider how many liberals are wealthy or well heeled. They’ll take satisfaction with having saved the world while us peasants actually bear the burden.
    America’s political left, and the “Democratic” Party they dominate, have nothing but bankrupt ideas born of a failed ideology. You won’t find them cleaning up any messes — these folks will just make matters worse.