Marie Tuck retires from Moneta Post Office

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By Peter Sawyer
Intern writer


    Located at Smith Mountain Lake, Moneta has experienced significant growth over the years.  Many newcomers live in subdivisions built off of the old country roads.  Few people have been in a better position to notice these changes than Marie Tuck, who witnessed them over the past three decades as a mail carrier.
    Marie Tuck has delivered mail since 1980; she retired on Dec. 31.
    “Marie has been a pillar in this community as well as the postal service,” Moneta Postmaster Bobby Hogan said. “She is an asset that will not be replaced easily.  I already miss her.”
    Tuck is originally from Amherst and moved to Moneta after marrying Billy Tuck in 1964.
    “I graduated from high school on a Monday and got married the following Saturday,” Tuck said.
    Bill Cheek delivered her mail until he retired in 1980, and recommended she become a mail carrier.
    She started out as a substitute on Route 3.  She started substituting on Route 1 in 1985.  It was not until 1988 that she took over Route 1 as a full time mail carrier.
    Since starting out, Tuck has witnessed much development within the community.
    “In 1980 we had three routes,” Tuck said. “Now we have nine routes and an auxiliary route.”
    As people moved into the area, subdivisions were added to many of the streets Tuck drove.  To accommodate this, her route was shortened, and extra routes were added.
    “This area has grown.” Hogan said.  “She's been here to see it all.”
    Throughout the years Tuck said she got to know practically everybody she delivered mail to.  She mentioned a doctor who moved onto her route.  This past year his son graduated high school and she remembers when he was born.  She said she can recall many similar stories.
    “That was one of the biggest things I enjoyed about the job, getting to know the people,” Tuck said.
    She also liked working with the Postal service in Moneta.
    “It's been such a friendly atmosphere to work in,” Tuck said.
    Tuck's commitment was not limited to her mail route but extended to her family.  She has three sons and several grandchildren.  Almost a year ago she said her grandchildren wanted to spend the night at her house but she had to work the next day.  One of them told her she needed to retire so they could spend the night.  This was when she began to think about retiring.
    The first week after she retired it snowed and she was able to babysit her grandchildren.
    “I told everybody I was going to have to catch up on my sleep,” Tuck said.
    On Saturday, January 22, a dinner was held for Tuck, and she was presented with a certificate which honored her for her service as a mail carrier.