In memory of a good friend

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By The Staff

In 1951, 10 days before Christmas, three friends stood in front of Green’s Drug Store and shook hands for the last time. One of them, Bobby Daniels, never came home from Korea. His unit was overrun. A Marine said the Chinese got Bobby there.


    That December day, Bobby was wearing an Army uniform, Jack Karnes was in a paratrooper uniform and I was wearing an Air Force uniform.

    I recall Bobby Daniels saying to me, “If you find me on the battlefield and I’m bleeding, stop it real fast!” I had been trained as a medic for that. I told him I would.

    I asked Jack Karnes how he could jump out of an airplane. He laughed and said, “It’s easy, and if you don’t jump when your turn comes, an ol’ sergeant will give you a kick. So, I hollar 'look out ground, hear I come!’ and I always go.”

    Before any of us were standing there in uniform, we used to walk to Bedford out 122 to see a movie. We were all from the county on the north side of Bedford and Bobby Daniels would come over to my home in Keytown and say “Let’s walk in and see a movie and maybe I’ll see Alice Chapman on Longwood.”

    We saw her, but I don’t remember him saying anything to her. We were pretty bashful.

    The reason I am writing this is to remember Bobby Daniels as no one ever saw or knew what end came him.