Moneta Elementary student wins County Spelling Bee

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By Tom Wilmoth

    Out of the six words he had to spell last Thursday, Aiden Belcher struggled the most with “stucco.”


    Even though he wasn’t familiar with the word, he still got it right, and then spelled “crochet” as the winning word to claim the title as 2013 Bedford County Spelling Bee champion.
    Belcher, a student at Moneta Elementary School, will now compete in the regional spelling bee scheduled for March 16 in Roanoke. That will be held at the Holiday Inn-Airport at 10 a.m.
    “It was pretty exciting,” Aiden said of being named as the county’s top speller.
    To prepare for the event, Aiden, the son of Lesley and David Belcher, wrote the words on the study list three times. He plans to do the same in preparing for the regional event.
    “I’m very proud of him,” Lesley Belcher said. “He studied hard. He worked on it all on his own.”
    Victoria Rogers of Goodview Elementary finished as runner-up in the County Spelling Bbee. She missed the word “temporal” in the fifth round, which opened the way for Aiden to spell his final two words.
    Seventeen school champions squared off in the county event held at Liberty High School: the first word spelled was “mentor” and the first word missed by a contestant was “angelic.”

    By the end of the first round, seven of the contestants had missed words and after the second round only eight remained. The third round saw four more contestants bow out and by the end of the fourth it was down to Victoria and Aiden.
    The school winners and alternates from Bedford County included:
    • Bedford Middle School – Champion, Aaron Plattus; Alternate, Laura Beisser.
    • Forest Middle School – Champion, Kathleen Richardson; Alternate, Karishma Nair.
    • Staunton River Middle School – Champion, Jessie Miller; Alternate, J.J. Burns.
    • Bedford Elementary School – Champion, Joey Sperberg; Alternate, Rieley Taylor.
    • Big Island Elementary School – Champion, Christian Pauley; Alternate, Colby Angus.
    • Body Camp Elementary School – Champion, Brett Bell; Alternate, Garrett Kyson.
    • Boonsboro Elementary School – Champion, Katherine Mays; Alternate, Emily Box.
    • Forest Elementary School – Champion, Holden Kallenberger; Alternate, Garnet Manley.
    • Goodview Elementary School – Champion, Victoria Rogers; Alternate, Gabriel Guy.
    • Huddleston Elementary School – Champion, Kailey Brown; Alternate, Jackson Rice.
    • Moneta Elementary School – Champion, Aiden Belcher; Alternate, Raina Hutton.
    • Montvale Elementary School – Champion, Celeste St. John; Alternate, Jasmine Carter.
    • New London Elementary School – Champion, Kelsey Castillo; Alternate, Sara Minear.
    • Otter River Elementary School – Champion, Emily Garraghty; Alternate, Martin Cox.
    • Stewartsville Elementary School – Champion, Alexis Graybill; Alternate, Luke Seifert.
    • Thaxton Elementary School – Champion, Logan Wright; Alternate, Marley Andrews.
    • Thomas Jefferson Elementary School – Champion, Ethan Purita; Alternate, Robert Dean.