Montgomery stepping down from BCSO

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By John Barnhart

    Tom Montgomery, the bailiff in Bedford County General District Court, called it quits, Friday, retiring after 20 years with the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office.

    Montgomery originally joined the Sheriff’s Office as a road deputy. Prior to going to the courthouse, Montgomery served as part of the regional homicide squad, which worked on especially difficult murder cases. He became a bailiff just after the turn of the century.    
    During a retirement ceremony, General District Court Judge Harold Black noted Montgomery’s awareness of the fine details of what was going on in the courtroom. This allowed Judge Black to focus exclusively on the case before him, knowing that Montgomery was focusing on security.
    Montgomery is a Vietnam veteran. During the war he was in an air mobile infantry unit.
    “If a helicopter got shot down, we went in and protected the crew until they could be extracted,” Montgomery said.
    “When I came home from Vietnam and got out of the Army I wasn’t old enough to vote,” he commented. This was before the voting age was lowered to 18.
    His retirement from the Sheriff’s Office is his second retirement. Prior to going into law enforcement, he worked for a company installing manufacturing systems. He managed the subcontractors for projects.