Montvale Rescue Squad: Serving since 1970

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By Marci L. Stone, MBA, EFO
Deputy Chief
Bedford County Department of Fire & Rescue

    The Montvale Rescue Squad first due response area covers approximately 150 square miles immediately surrounding the Montvale area, stretching to the Botetourt County line. 
    The organization was formed in 1970 running their first call in September of that year.     Currently, there are 10 volunteers available to serve the community and as you would suspect with this low number it has become increasingly difficult to meet the community need.  Montvale Rescue is continually seeking persons of quality character to help meet the community need. 
    Vicki Elmore, captain of the squad says “You can ask any volunteer why they give so much of their time, you will most likely get the same answer ‘I care about helping others.’ How many jobs have you had where you can say ‘I make a difference in someone’s life”. 
    She reiterates that “it may be your neighbor, or even your own family member that needs help.”     Along with additional volunteers, the crew is seeking support for a new building which will not only house the crew but also be a community resource. 
    Chief Jack Jones of Bedford County Department of Fire & Rescue states “volunteer services are such a valuable resource to the county and the citizen’s we serve.” He adds “we simply need more volunteers to continue to meet the call volume”. 
    If you are interested in helping the agency in any way, call Vicki Elmore at 540-586-9384.
Get a Kit!
    The second tip for preparing for an emergency is to “Get a Kit!” Create a kit of emergency supplies and essentials, enough for the first 72 hours after an incident.  Consider having enough water for each person in your household, non-perishable food and a hand-crank NOAA weather radio.
Volunteers needed
    Have you ever wanted to be part of the elite group of people that respond to emergencies and disasters within the community but simply did not know how?  Visit our Web site at www.bcofr.com and take a look at the information on how to become a volunteer within the community. 
    Fire and rescue work allows persons from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences to come together to serve the community during their fellow man’s time of need.  The emergency response that an average volunteer faces range from medical emergencies, buildings that are on fire to car accidents and any emergency situation in between. 
    The community needs a wide range of skill sets from people like you, who are able to give back to the community on a regular basis.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in the community and have questions, contact us at 540-587-0700.

Upcoming events
    September 30: Virginia Department of Deaf and Hearing Impaired Emergency Planning Course.
    October 5: Benefit concerts for Bedford Vol. Fire Department 125 Anniversary Celebration;
    Montvale Vol. Fire Department, Sam Austen Band.
    October 19: Shady Grove Fire & Rescue, Fish Fry.
    Contact individual agencies for more details.