Moyer pleads guilty to title fraud

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By Tom Wilmoth

    A Charlottesville woman pleaded guilty to six felonies, including two counts of title fraud, receiving a suspended sentence during a hearing Tuesday in Bedford County Circuit Court.
    Linda Marie Moyer, 59, was accused of owning a vehicle and going to different businesses getting multiple title loans. In addition to the title fraud convictions, she was also convicted of two counts of filing false statements with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and two counts of obtaining DMV documents under false pretenses.
    According to Commonwealth’s Attorney Wes Nance, Moyer was going to the title companies and before the lien could be reported she would go to the DMV and report she lost the title, obtaining a replacement title. By the time the companies would go to act on the loan, the request would be denied because the original title no longer existed.
    Nance said Moyer had done this in several jurisdictions, including Bedford County.
    Moyer, who spent in excess of 30 days in jail before being released on bond, received a three year suspended sentence and was placed on probation. Nance said Moyer had repaid all of the local businesses prior to coming to court and also faced health issues, which factored into the suspended sentence.