New foot and ankle specialist comes to Bedford Memorial

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By John Barnhart

    Bedford Memorial Hospital hosted a meet-and-greet breakfast, Friday, to welcome Dr. David Cox, a foot and ankle specialist. Dr. Cox opened Forest Foot and Ankle Center late last year and will be practicing at Bedford Memorial.

     An East Tennessee native, Dr. Cox earned his degree from Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine, in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1996. He did his residency training at Doctors Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.
    Dr. Cox came to this area from Valdosta, Ga., in 2006. His wife is from the Lynchburg area and that’s what brought him here. He had found a medical practice in Roanoke that was for sale and made the move.
    Buying an existing practice has advantages. Everything, from a business and insurance side is already set up and the practice has an established patient base. The practice that he opened in Forest last August was different.
    “We started the practice here from scratch,” said Dr. Cox, who lives in Forest.
    Dr. Cox will be doing foot and ankle surgery at Bedford Memorial. He will admit and manage patients and do consulting.
    “It’s a growing specialty,” he said.
    Dr. Cox said that feet and ankles have been long overlooked, but that has changed over the last 10 to 15 years.
    “People have become more aware of taking care of their feet,” he said, explaining one reason.
    Another reason is that people, today, lead more active lifestyles, which means more foot and ankle injuries.
    Diabetes is another factor. There has been an increase in the incidence of diabetes in the United States and a number of Dr. Cox’s patients are diabetic.
    Dr. Cox recommends that everybody take time to look at their feet every day. This is especially important for diabetics who are especially prone to foot problems such as sores or wounds that don’t heal. Some diabetics end up having a foot amputated, but Dr. Cox said that many of these amputations can be prevented.
    He also recommends that everybody wear good support shoes. He, personally, likes Reebok ZigTech (he was wearing a pair of Reebok Zigs at the breakfast) and Nike air shock technology. In addition, he suggests that people wear a good quality insert in their shoes.
    “I’m happy to be here,” Dr. Cox commented in an interview. “I want to support the community and the hospital.”