New plan leads to growth

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By John Barnhart

    D&L Cattle, in Goode, is run by a father and son team. The D is for David Arrington and the L is for Lynwood Arrington, David’s father.

    “We’ve raised cattle for several years,” said Lynwood Arrington.
    Previously they sold cattle to the market, but they began direct marketing to the public this year, in February, an idea that a cousin suggested. It sounded like a good idea and they began working in September, 2011, to put a plan in action.
    The plan is working.
    “We are growing faster than we anticipated,” Arrington said.
    Their cattle are all grass fed and grass finished. They have always been grass fed, but now they finish their own cattle instead of selling them to somebody else to finish.
    Like others that are selling grass-fed, grass-finished beef, Arrington said that this provides a healthier product. He said that the meat is higher in omega 3, beta carotene, vitamin E and conjugated linoleic acids (CLA). According to a Wikipedia article CLA is an anticarcinogen, a cancer-fighting compound. It’s found in meat from cud-chewing animals, like cattle, and dairy products. Arrington also said that the beef from grass-fed, grass-finished cattle is lower in bad cholesterol and higher in good cholesterol. He added that he has had some customers who have previously not been able to eat beef who have told him that they can eat his beef.
    Nothing unnatural goes into the Arringtons’ cattle.
    “We do not use an antibiotics, no steroids, no growth hormones,” he said.
    The only thing they get is grass, grass hay,  salt and minerals. Arrington said that they raise their own hay , which puts them in control of when it’s cut.
    “We can cut it when we are going to get the best quality.
    “We use no sludge on any of our property,” Arrington added.
    The cattle drink well water. Arrington said that there are springs on the property, but their flow is not adequate for the number of cattle he has. He said that a cow drinks 30 gallons of water per day in the summer. So, he fenced the springs off and drilled a well and installed 6,000 feet of pipe. The cattle drink from watering stations that amount to bovine drinking fountains. The cattle activate them, so they only pump when needed.
    The Arringtons are raising between 100 and 110 head of Angus cattle on 200 acres of open land. all their cattle are Angus.
    “They maintain well,” Arrington said. “It’s a good, solid breed that you can pretty much count on.”
    He added that they are also easy to work with.
    “We are trying to produce a product that is fairly priced, that is of top quality,” Arrington said.
    The Arringtons sell their beef at the Forest Farmers Market and over their Web site, www.dlcattle.com. People can also call them at (540) 586-4584. All their beef is sold as individual cuts. People ordering over the Website can pay via PayPal.
    “We offer everything from ground beef to steaks to roasts,” said Arrington.