Up next: Liberty at Amherst

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Head-knocker to wrap up regular season

By Mike Forster

  Let's hope this year is different.

For two powerhouse programs, recent games between Liberty and Amherst County haven't given much cause for barking at the moon.

With few exceptions, the games have been dominated by one team or the other.   This year, however, could change all of that.

On Friday, the teams will roll into the Lancer Dome fairly evenly matched, at least on paper.  We'll see how that parity plays out on the gridiron.

Here are a couple of things we know, going into the game.

1.  Both teams are playoff-bound.  The results of this game will crystallize their standings in their respective divisions:  Amherst in D4 and Liberty in D3.

2.  Both teams are primarily ground-oriented in their approach to the game.

3.  Both have proven that they can pass when given the opportunity.

4.  Both teams have plenty they want to prove.

That last point reflects the fact that Amherst has been given scant regard since falling to Heritage and Brookville.

While the Lancers have no shot at a Seminole crown, they'd like nothing more than a shot at vengeance against the Pioneers of Heritage.  They very well may get that in the D-4 playoffs, and the best way to position themselves is to take care of Liberty.

To do that, look for Amherst to employ a straightforward attack, one which will feature the strong and speedy Sidney Sandidge, Dominique Brown and Marquis Brown.  

Also look for quarterback Kyle Edwards to rifle off quick-look passes to his first downfield option.

The questions in this one are whether Liberty's defense will be up for the task of stopping Amherst's sporadic pass attack and whether the M-Men ground game can be move against a rock-solid defense.