Now that it’s over...

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Hopefully, by the time you read this, a winner will have been named in this year’s presidential election.
    If not, Heaven help us. The last situation this nation needs is a closer look at more hanging chads. We’re in trouble if this nation has to relive the 2000 debacle again.
    But, assuming the election has been decided, there are some steps that must be taken by the next president, whether it’s Barack Obama or Mitt Romney (please don’t get mad you Virgil Goode supporters – he couldn’t even win in the 5th District back in 2008 and who knows what he was thinking with his Constitution Party candidacy).
    This election truly must be one of Change. And that’s our greatest Hope.
    No longer must a President take the attitude that “we won” and everyone else can get on board if they want,  “but have to take their seat in the back of the bus.”
    That was President Obama’s answer to “a new attitude” in Washington after the last election. It was the same old song, only worse.
    President Obama forced his healthcare bill down the throats of the nation without seeking any input from those across the aisle. In fact, he had to hog tie and bribe members of his own party to get it passed.
    That attitude just won’t work anymore if our nation is to survive.
    And spending must be cut.
    The federal government should not try to take one additional dime from US taxpayers if elected officials can’t come up with a plan to cut spending first. Government doesn’t need more money, it needs to spend less.
    Is this really a difficult principle to understand? It’s basic economics.
    This country must come together. We don’t need politicians anymore, we need a President and Congress that truly have the best interests of this country at heart.
    It's no longer just an option, it's a necessity.