Obama kicks his lapdog

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By John Barnhart

    All through President Barack Obama’s first term, most of the mainstream media has served as his lapdog. The mainstream media is dominated by liberals and they’ve seen President Obama as their ideological soul mate. They’ve shown fawning obeisance to him, giving him a soft approach when they should have been asking him sharp questions. All he has to do is speak and they happily wag their tail and roll over on their back to get their belly rubbed.
    That seems to be changing, at least a little. The Associated Press has been right upset after discovering, last month, that the U. S. Department of Justice secretly collected two months worth of phone records from AP reporters and editors. The feds apparently did this as part of an investigation to try to find the person who leaked information that was used in a story on a foiled terrorist plot to bomb a U. S. bound airliner. Federal agents collected phone records from 20 phone lines, including personal phone lines. The secret subpoena that allowed them to do this was very broad and the AP wasn’t notified in advance.
    AP President Gary Pruitt sent an angry letter to Attorney General Eric Holder.
    A Fox News reporter, James Rosen, was treated even more roughly. His e-mails were seized and he was considered a criminal co-conspirator in an affidavit seeking a warrant to search his e-mail under the Espionage Act of 1917. Holder personally approved the warrant request. In this case, the Justice Department was going after a government adviser who leaked information used in a 2009 story about North Korean plans to use a nuclear test in response to U. N. sanctions. The feds also got phone records, including records from the reporter’s parents’ home phone number.
    Fox News, unlike most of rest of the mainstream media, has not been shy about doing stories critical of President Obama. I wonder if the majority of the mainstream media, with their blatant liberal bias, would have been so upset if Justice had only been going after Fox News. But, that wasn’t the case. Holder’s boys were also going after the AP.
    “How dare they secretly subpoena our phone records! Aren’t we supposed to be their friend? Don’t we routinely hop up in President Obama’s lap and lick his face?”
    Now there’s a media uproar over the Justice Department’s tactics and even the most left-wing media outlets are calling for Holder’s resignation.
    I wonder how they are going to view President Obama in the future. Will the liberal media still continue to act as an unofficial ministry of propaganda for the Obama administration? Maybe we can expect them to take a more balanced approach to news coverage of the executive branch of our government.
    The Obama administration has a lot to answer for. Last year they spun the murder of our ambassador to Libya as a street protest over an anti-Muslim film that got out of hand. They stuck to this line for a month after the attack because it was very inconvenient to have a Muslim terrorist attack that close to the presidential election. In addition, there is the growing scandal of the IRS harassing conservative organizations, seeking the same tax exempt status that similar liberal organizations enjoy, as well has Republican donors. Nobody’s found smoking-gun evidence directly implicating President Obama, yet, but there is a clear pattern of a powerful government agency, that operates under the executive branch, going after the president’s political enemies.
    All of our national media needs to make sure the American public gets honest, unbiased reporting, no matter who is in the Oval Office and how much they agree, or disagree, with his ideology. Biases ought to be reserved for the Opinion page and should have no impact on actual news coverage..