ObamaCare supporters in deep panic

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By John Barnhart

    President Barack Obama’s radical overhaul of America’s health care system is running into a serious problem. The problem is that most people don’t want it, and most of those who don’t want it have made sure that their congressmen and senators know of their opposition.

    Liberals have tried to make light of this opposition, claiming that it’s Astroturf rather than grass roots. President Obama, however, knows better and that’s why he’s looking at ways to compromise in order to whittle away at some of this opposition.

    His effort to do this is creating another problem for him. A lot of people don’t like the public option insurance provision. On the other hand, any talk of eliminating it outrages his party’s left wing to the point  that they threaten to vote against any ObamaCare bill that doesn’t include it.

    President Obama’s solution is some fancy rhetorical footwork. On the one hand, he tries to tell most of us that the public option isn’t essential, that he’s willing to eliminate it as a compromise. On the other hand, he tries to tell his party’s left wing that he will fight to the death for the public option.

    Personally, I don’t believe  he intends to drop the government insurance option. He may try to disguise it, but he desperately wants it in the bill. That’s because the public option is the back door to what he really wants — a single payer system.

    Barack Obama is on video stating, back in 2003, that he favors a single payer health care system. Any claims he now makes to the contrary are just so much hot air intended to make most of us think that he’s not really going to foist this monstrosity on us.

    The truth is that President Obama is a denizen of the “Democratic” Party’s left wing and the single payer health care system is something that’s near and dear to his heart. As Barney Frank, who chairs the House Finance Committee has already stated, Congressional leftists don’t have the votes to impose a single payer system, so the public option is the best way to achieve one. This would be accomplished by using a government health insurance option to squeeze private health insurance companies out of business. Eventually, the public option would be the only option and we would have a single payer system by default.

    Like Frank, Obama knows that he doesn’t have the votes to impose his heart’s desire on the American people, so he’s pushed the public option. He claims it’s needed to provide competition and keep insurance companies honest. I’m sure he knows this is nonsense as there are hundreds of insurance companies out there, so there’s already plenty of competition out there. No, the purpose of the public option isn’t to keep insurance companies honest, its purpose is to put them out of business.

    Liberals like to tell horror stories about private insurance, and I’m sure all off us know somebody who has personally experienced one. There are some genuine problems, cases where a company has merrily taken someone’s premiums for years, then either bent over backwards to deny payment when he becomes seriously ill, or pays the bill and drops him like a hot rock. However, don’t expect things to change if President Obama and his fellow liberals succeed in replacing private insurers with the federal government as the single payer.

    The private insurance horror stories are the result of private insurance companies' efforts at cost containment. In their case, the purpose of that cost containment is to protect or enhance their profit margins. In some cases, their efforts have clearly been unfair.

    If the federal government becomes the single payer, federal bureaucrats will also carry out cost containment efforts as even the federal government, which can create money out of fairy dust, has its limits. Like their private insurance counterparts, these guys will also refuse to pay for some things and anyone who thinks that they will always be fair hasn’t had to deal with a government bureaucracy.  There will still be coverage denial horror stories and maybe you will get to personally experience one of them.