Passing on the building

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By John Barnhart

    Bedford Christian Ministries dedicated a plaque on the Bedford Christian Services Building, on Washington Street, in Memory of Marjorie Maupin. Maupin, through her Maupin-Sizemore Foundation, was a noted philanthropist in the Bedford area for over two decades.


    The Maupin-Sizemore Foundation formerly owned the building, leasing it to Bedford Christian Ministries for $1 per month. This year, the Foundation transferred ownership to the building to Bedford Christian Ministries.
    “I had the good fortune of knowing Marge for over 20 years and served with her on the committee that oversees operation of this building,” said Dr. Paul Rhodes.
    Dr. Rhodes expressed his gratitude for all Maupin and her foundation have done.
    The building does need a new roof. Bedford Christian Ministries is starting a fundraising drive for this purpose.
    Through Sept. 15 of this year, Bedford Christian Ministries’ 90 volunteers have served 742 different households, of which 171 have been new client households.  They have distributed a monthly average of 1,670 bags of food, 1,662 items of clothing, and 744 household items to an average of 219 households each month.  Financial aid counselors have approved financial assistance for past due rent, electricity disconnection notices, heating fuel, and dental/vision/prescription services.  Bedford Christian Ministries serves all of Bedford County and the town of Bedford and is supported by its 29 member churches, countless individuals, a number of civic groups, and grants from Bedford and Central Virginia charitable organizations.