With primary approaching, Allen tours Bedford

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By John Barnhart

    George Allen made a stop in Bedford, Friday, during a campaign tour. Allen is seeking the Republican nomination to run for Senate this fall. The nomination will be decided in a primary scheduled for June 12.


    Allen stopped by several Bridge Street businesses talking with owners before holding a small rally in a hallway in the County Administration Building. One stop was Frederic’s Flowers, where Allen asked owner Ricky Wilkerson what could be done to help small businesses.
    “I need the government off my back and out of my pocket,” Wilkerson replied.
    Allen’s message was that electing him, and other Republicans to the Senate, as well as a Republican to the White House will both reduce uncertainty and result in pro-entrepreneurial policies.
    “We need to get the economy going,” he commented during his tour. “It doesn’t have to be this way.”
    Allen urged the people who turned out to greet him to be sure to show up on June 12 to vote for him in the primary telling them what he plans to do when he returns to the Senate.
    “On day one, I plan to introduce a bill that will allow us to produce oil and gas off our own coast and use the royalties for roads and transportation,” Allen pledged.
    He also chided the EPA, saying that “the EPA is in effect banning coal.” Allen said that the EPA’s current policies will cost jobs and raise electric rates.
    He also pledged to reduce government regulation, bringing Wilkerson up to the podium to repeat the comment he made earlier.
    “This government is meddling in lots of things that are none of its business,” Allen commented.
    Allen, who served as governor in the ‘90s, contrasted his job creating performance with Tim Kaine, whose term as governor ended in 2010. Kaine is the Democrats’ nominee for the Senate seat. Allen said that 300,000 jobs were created in Virginia during his four years in office. He added that 100,000 jobs were lost during Kaine’s four years.
    In an e-mail promoting the tour, Allen stated, “I’m ready to bring Virginia’s voices and values to the U.S. Senate by repealing Obamacare, fighting job-destroying coal regulations, promoting a Balanced Budget Amendment, unleashing Virginia’s energy resources and standing strong for Virginians’ Freedom to choose their own destinies.”