Protecting jobs from government interference

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By Congressman Robert Hurt


This past week, as a part of the House’s jobs agenda, the House passed H.R. 2587, the Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act, which now goes to the Senate for consideration. H.R. 2587 would prevent the unelected National Labor Relations Board from eliminating thousands of jobs and from dictating where employers and private businesses can set up their operations.


As a cosponsor of this bill, I delivered the following remarks on the House floor discussing the importance of supporting policies that will help spur job creation by removing the government as a barrier to job creation and by protecting Virginia’s Right to Work status. You can view the video of my floor speech by visiting hurt.house.gov.


“Mr. Speaker, I rise today in support of H.R. 2587, the Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act.


“Over the past two and a half years, this Administration has vastly expanded the size and scope of the federal government and supported policies that have destroyed jobs, stifled investment and innovation, and slowed our economic recovery in Virginia’s 5th District and across the country.


“One of the most recent and troubling examples of this government overreach is the latest move by the unelected National Labor Relations Board to block Boeing from creating thousands of jobs in South Carolina.


“This kind of government intervention is a direct attack on our economic freedom, and has disastrous effects on 5th District Virginians and all Americans.


“It has the potential to cost thousands of jobs at a time when we need jobs most. It dangerously and unacceptably inserts the federal government into the business decisions of private companies. And it threatens to undermine the economic competitiveness of all states – such as Virginia – that have Right to Work laws.


“Being the northern-most Right to Work state on the East Coast has helped make Virginia the best place in the country to do business and has helped promote job growth and economic investment across the 5th District and our Commonwealth. 


“At a time when millions of Americans are out of work and unemployment remains unacceptably high, Right to Work states should not be penalized by an intrusive and overbearing federal government for their ability to attract new business, investment, and jobs.


“As a part of the House’s job creation agenda, H.R. 2587 would remove the federal government as a roadblock to job growth by preventing the NLRB from dictating where employers and private businesses can set up their operations – putting our economic recovery back where it belongs, in the hands of the people instead of the federal government.


“If we are serious about getting our economy back on track, we must support these kinds of policies that help restore certainty to the marketplace and provide our true job creators with the confidence, freedom, and opportunity necessary to do what they do best – innovate, grow their businesses, and get America working again.”