Putney back at work after mini-stroke

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By John Barnhart

    Delegate Lacey Putney gave his wife, Carmela, a scare while they were on vacation in Cancún, Mexico on Jan. 5. They were walking on the grounds of their hotel when Putney became dizzy and unstable on his feet.
    “All of a sudden I was having a little bit of dizziness,” Putney said.
    He was taken to the local hospital and diagnosed with a minor mini-stroke.
    Getting ill in a foreign country can be an unsettling experience, but fortunately for Putney, his wife speaks fluent Spanish. She was able to talk with doctors during the four days he was in the hospital there.
    Returning to the United States, they went directly to Richmond where they live during the legislative session. He missed the General Assembly opening as he was undergoing extensive testing at the Medical College of Virginia (MCV). He was released on Jan. 17 and cleared to take up his duties, which   include   chairing   the House Appropriations Committee on Jan. 21. He has since been involved in a full schedule of meetings.
    Once back on the floor of the House, Putney said he had several colleagues tell him that they had also experienced similar mini-strokes.
    “I had a full day yesterday,” Putney said in a Tuesday morning phone interview before heading off to a meeting. Putney said his Monday schedule included meetings all day and late into the night.
    “I’m in charge of my committee,” he said. “I handle my own bills.”
    Putney said that his doctors tell him he is recovering rapidly. At first they thought he would need some physical therapy, but that turned out not to be the case.
    “They say I’m doing remarkably well,” Putney said.
    Putney is pleased with the service he got at MCV.
    “I would be remiss to not mention the outstanding service and attention I received at MCV where the specialists in neurology and cardiology are second to none in the country,” Putney stated in a prepared statement.
    He expressed his appreciation to colleagues and constituents.
    “I also want to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to my colleagues from both sides  of the aisle and my constituents and friends all across the state for all of their prayers, cards, phone calls and expressions of concern and well wishes I have received,” he sated.
    All House of Delegates seats will be up for election this fall and, as is his custom, Putney will not make an announcement as to whether he will seek reelection until after the General Assembly session adjourns. However, he said he has been encouraged to run again and mentioned a visit by a group of his constituents from Botetourt County.
    “They all encouraged me to run again,” Putney said.