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Band gets new life, reaches for higher level

By John Barnhart

A local band that began in 1977 as the Love of God Singers has been reborn as L.O.G.O.S.


    According to Dan Snyder, of Forest, this name was chosen because band members wanted a name with initials that would spell something. L.O.G.O.S spells the Greek word that is translated “Word” in the first chapter of the Gospel of John: “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. (John 1:1)

    Four of the band members live in Bedford County and Snyder said he met them through Dean Haskins, the band’s producer. Snyder is a music professional.

    “I discovered that these guys are the real deal,” Snyder said.

    “They really are who they profess to be,” he added later. “I personally feel I have been adopted into a portion of God’s kingdom I didn’t know about.”

    The band was originally a Southern Gospel band. In the past year, they’ve added jazz, slow rock and blues-influenced music. All the songs in its repertoire are original and Snyder writes some of them along with playing guitar and piano.

    The band, which is based in Rustburg, had ceased performing for five years when Norvell Anderson and Keith Watts, two original members decided, it was time to start again. The resurrection they had in mind would include performing to a higher standard.

    Snyder, originally from Beckley, W.Va., said he has been in the music business for 30 years. He’s also been a recovered alcoholic for 24 years and he said that all the songs he now does are Christian songs, many based on reaching out to alcohol recovery.

    He’s also worked 35 years in the construction business.

    The band has 12 members — they added three last year — and Snyder believes they will become nationally known. Late last year, they performed at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Arlington. Snyder said that this church seats between 3,500 and 5,000 people.

    The band, all men, have a wide age range. Snyder, who has four children and four grandchildren, is the oldest at 60. The youngest is 16.

    All the men have day jobs and John Jones, the sound man, works as an electronics engineer. He also has 20 years of experience as a sound man and Snyder said that he has done work for nationally known musicians.

    “We are only as good as he makes us sound,” commented Snyder.

    Snyder said that Jones does an extensive sound check of a venue before a performance. He then tailors how he handles the sound according to the venue’s acoustics.

    According to Snyder, the band’s goal is to make Gospel Music be what it professes to be and not fall for the traps of the world.

    “Our sole purpose is to praise God and spread the word of Jesus Christ,” he said.

    The band has CDs of its music and Snyder said they are available through the band’s Web site, www.logostheband.com. Along with ordering CDs, people can also get digital downloads of individual songs through the Web site.

    Snyder is a member of Blue Ridge Community Church in New London. He said the church offers a program there called Celebrate Recovery. He said that this is an international ministry, a 12-step program that focuses on the fact that Jesus is salvation. Snyder said you can change your life if you allow God to change you from within.