Republican headquarters opens

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By John Barnhart

    Bedford’s Republican Party headquarters is open for business on North Bridge Street in Bedford.  The site they chose is in the store front most recently occupied by Ranch Road. According to Nate Boyer, chairman of the Bedford Republican Committee, the site was chosen because its Centertown location gives them better exposure to foot traffic. This was especially important as they opened in time for Centerfest and this location placed them in the middle of the festival area. Boyer said that it also gives them space for larger events.

    The space was put to good use at the grand opening event when a large contingent of local Republicans turned out to listen to their party’s candidates for state and local office. The venue also provided space to set up the food, multiple varieties of hot soup, stew and chili.
    One speaker isn’t on the ballot this year, and won’t be on the ballot when his term on the Bedford County Board of Supervisors expires in two years. District 2 Supervisor Chuck Neudorfer announced that he won’t seek reelection at the end of his current term. Neudorfer also took the opportunity to call for term limits on congressmen and senators, saying that having career politicians in the House of Representatives and Senate is not beneficial.
    Neudorfer also spoke on some local issues:

School budget
    Neudorfer urged line item by line item budgeting by the county school board as it develops next year’s school budget.

    “You will have an opportunity to comment on it,” he said. “It is not a dead issue.”

The county zoning ordinance
    “The bumblebee is a butterfly built by a committee,” he commented.

    Neudorfer also went on to say that the county has been able to weather the tough financial times well. He said that revenue has exceeded estimates while expenses have been less than expected.
    Rebecca Jones, who is running unopposed for a third term as the county’s treasurer, also spoke about what her office has done to help the county’s budget. She said that her office currently has maintained a 95 percent to 96 percent collection rate on local taxes owed. This sometimes can be tough on her staff.
    “They can take a lot of abuse in our office, as you can well imagine,” she said.
    Jones urged the county to do a better job of letting citizens know about the tax relief programs that are available.
    “I hate tax sales,” she commented.