R.I. man indicted by grand jury

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R.I. man indicted by grand jury

By Tom Wilmoth

A Rhode Island man accused of traveling to Bedford County to meet a 13-year-old girl for sex was indicted on five felony charges by a Bedford County grand jury last week.

    Andrew Fitzgerald Holloway, 22, of 774 West Shore Road, Warwick, R.I., faces three charges of unlawful carnal knowledge, a Class IV felony, and two counts of computer solicitation of a female under the age of 15 years old for the purpose of soliciting carnal knowledge, a Class IV felony.

    A Sept. 22 motions hearing has been scheduled on the  charges  and  a  jury  trial  is  scheduled for Oct. 27 in Bedford County Circuit Court.

    On Feb. 3 a Bedford County girl was reported missing.   The search started when the Sheriff’s  Office  got a call from a man living on Evington Road who reported seeing a young female and a young male acting suspiciously. He reported that they were walking in the direction of Campbell County and, every time they saw a car coming, they would hide in the woods. Deputies from Bedford County and Campbell County responded.

    Because of that deputies were already in the area when the girl’s father called the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office and reported that his daughter was missing from their residence located on Steeplechase Drive. When she left home, she had been riding her bicycle and the bike was found on Bethel Church Road, not far from its intersection with Steeplechase.

    State Police joined the deputies from both counties in the search, which included searches in the densely wooded area. The following evening, the Sheriff’s Office got a call from a home on Bethel Church Road informing them that a girl came to the house and asked to use the phone. There was a male with her and the homeowner thought she resembled the missing girl.

    There were a number of deputies already in the area and they got to the home quickly.  The girl was taken back to her home after a trip to the hospital to be checked.

    Holloway, who was 21 years old at the time of his arrest, was the male with her and was charged. Blue Ridge Thunder determined that the girl and Holloway had been communicating over the Internet for about seven months.

    According to the police report, they first met playing an X-Box online game called “Lost Planet” and that Holloway flew down from Rhode Island to meet her. According to reports his flights took him to numerous locations before he finally reached Lynchburg. He reportedly took a cab to the area where he met the girl.

    The two were originally thought to be going to Canada but, after deciding that Canada was too cold, planned to go to Arizona. Reports at the time stated that there was not any evidence that the girl went with Holloway unwillingly.

    Holloway continues to be held without bond.