Saving the day!

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The Bedford Moose Lodge stepped up, when no one else would. Because of that, Bedford had fireworks after all to help area residents celebrate the Independence Day weekend.
    When Bedford’s council cut funding for the fireworks from the budget, it appeared the Bedford skies would be dark for any July 4th celebration. Bedford had funded the event for several years by itself, after the county had pulled its funding.
    Typically the local fireworks cost about $14,000 and when that was split between the two governments, it was manageable. But when the county chose not to participate it left Bedford holding the funding bag, alone. For a couple of years, Bedford’s council—not so unanimously—went ahead with paying for the show solely on the town residents’ backs. But faced with mounting financial issues, Council made the tough decision this year not to do that.
    The hope was Bedford could find a corporate sponsor to step in and take up the slack. When that didn’t happen, plans for a July 4 fireworks show were dropped.
    But then the Moose stepped in.
    While very late in the process, organizers were still able to secure a company to come in and fire off a display—although it had to be on July 5 because of prior bookings. And by all accounts, it proved to be worth the while of those who turned out to view the show. Parking was arranged with several nearby property owners allowing for the overflow parking. Shuttles were arranged and used.
    A big “thank you” to the Moose for stepping in and lighting up Bedford’s skies.
    It’s just one tangible way that the Moose and other area organizations routinely touch lives in our community. And for that, we’re all the better for their work.