Seminole slugfests coming up

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Liberty and JF in big games

By Mike Forster



There is little doubt that the Seminole is one of the top football districts in the state.

This weekend, you'll get a couple of chances to see why.

Jefferson Forest, fresh off its win over Brookville, will host Heritage, fresh off its win over Amherst.

Liberty, fresh off its win over Rustburg, will head to City Stadium to take on E.C. Glass, fresh off its relaxing bye week.

This is the third consecutive week that the Minutemen will face an opponent which has had two weeks to prepare for the M-Men.

Both Jefferson Forest and Liberty will be playing with a lot at stake.


JF to host Heritage

A win by the Cavs puts JF in the driver's seat of the Seminole District.  Forest, Heritage and E.C. Glass are the only teams with spotless records in district play.

So, there is an entirely plausible scenario where JF emerges from this weekend as the only team unbeaten in Seminole play.

There is an equally plausible scenario, however, where it is Heritage that emerges unscathed.

That's why they play 'em.

The game will feature two teams with a lot of momentum behind them.

The Cav win over Brookville was one of their biggest wins in the past ten years.  It is the kind of win that leaves teams believing (rightly so) that they can play with the big dogs.

Well, that's exactly what JF gets in Heritage.

The Pioneers are on quite a roll, though they haven't been as dominating as they were last year (though Patrick County, which lost 76-13 in the season opener, might argue that point).

    Heritage is led by Elijah Gallagher, a threat on both sides of the ball, and quarterback Austin Fitzgerald.  Frankie Hickson is a bull out of the backfield.


Liberty to Lynchburg

City Stadium will be the scene.  Whether it's the scene of the Minutemen improving to 5-1, or of Glass picking up its first district win, remains to be seen.

For Liberty to prevail, the M-Men will have to stop quarterback Donnie Morgan, the best athlete on a very athletic contingent.  The Bedfordites will also have to keep speedy Aaron Deane in check out of the backfield.

But, most importantly, Liberty has to do three things:  a) Tighten up its pass defense; b) Stop the um-dum mistakes;

c) Put away the Hilltoppers if given the chance.  That is, they cannot afford for a team of this caliber to hang around in a close contest.  Glass will exploit that chance.