Send out the clowns

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he story this week in the New York Daily News stated that there is a growing shortage of clowns.
    Please. They’re just looking for them in the wrong places.
    While membership in the clown trade organizations may be plummeting the number of jokers filling the halls of Congress and the federal government continues to multiply. It appears the circus has left the big top and headed straight for D.C.
    And it’s an equal opportunity employer—Republicans and Democrats alike have put on their big red noses and are busy blowing their horns.
    Consider the tricks being pulled on this nation these days:
    • A $17 trillion dollar debt that just keeps getting bigger with no one, on either side of the aisle, willing to put up a STOP sign to it;
    • A behemoth health care overhaul that said a) healthcare would be affordable with savings for most; b) it would be easy to sign up; c) you could keep your doctor if you like; d) you could keep your policy if you like; and e) millions of jobs would be created. Of course now we know that a) there is no savings for those who actually have to pay for it; b) it’s easier to find a parking spot at the mall on Christmas Eve than to navigate the healthcare website; c) you can only keep your doctor if the Administration wants you to; d) you can forget about keeping your policy; and e) millions of jobs will be lost.
    • Executive orders being pulled out of hats faster than rabbits can reproduce to fill them.
    • Scandals (think Benghazi, IRS and Fast and Furious) that are being hidden up the sleeves of denial from everyone involved.
    And that’s just a sampling.
    Laws are being ignored or changed at the whims of a man; spending is out of control and not about to stop.
    Indeed Washington has become the “Greatest Show on Earth.” It’s a spectacle to see. But like every good circus, it’s just a mirage in time, designed to provide entertainment from the real world. There are elephants and donkeys providing quite a show for everyone to see.
    The problem is, the real world still exists. And one day the curtain is going to close, the light of day is going to shine in and someone is going to have to clean up the mess left behind. It’s going to be sticky, it’s going to be widespread and it’s going to stink.