Shameful antics of House Republicans

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By Rick Howell

    Just before the 113th Congress left for its month-long August vacation, House Republicans finally got something done: They voted to sue the president.
    That’s it. And that’s all they’ve got. They’ve accomplished nothing else all year long for the American people.
    The president is to be sued because of executive actions he took to delay some implementations of the new health care law. He has also been cited by Republicans “for doing nothing” on the border crisis.
    Yet, the same mad dogs in the House who voted to sue him have tried to repeal “Obamacare” about 50 times. Why would they care that he’d delayed, by executive order, some of its implementations?
    And on the border issue, well, House Speaker John Boehner declared earlier in the year there would be no immigration bill, period. As tens of thousands of children have languished on the border, the House has done nothing.
    But they’ve challenged the president to “do something,” which is exactly why they’re suing him, for doing his job when they don’t do theirs.
    You really can’t make this up; this current national Republican Party is surely the most shameful and useless political organization the country has ever seen.
    Can it really be that in 2014, facing mid-term elections, Republicans plan to go to voters with only a single action, suing the president whom they deeply hate?
    They certainly have no other program but despising Obama. They don’t believe in anything but money, power and war. They’re a hard-core, straight-razored, far-right group of ideologues who have only one policy: demonization of a Democrat who dared to beat them twice in presidential elections.
    These are difficult times for conservatives, as the world they learned about at granddaddy’s knee slips farther and farther away from them.
    Two things best describe conservatism: clinging to a past they revere as “the (supposedly) good ‘ole days,” and living in fear of change, even though everything changes and everyone accepts it except them.
    Younger voters, in particular – and certainly most educated voters – don’t vote Republican. Barack Obama’s election was historic primarily because he was the first African-American president in a nation soaked and stained with slavery and segregation.
    Obama campaigned on two basic proposals: ending the stupid and illegal war in Iraq, and passing health care reform. He’s kept both promises.
    The American people – especially those of us who won the election! – have the right to expect that Congress will then work with this president. But Republicans have refused, again, because of their hatred for Obama and their belief that insurance companies ought to run health care.
    Their health care policy is very simple: Pay or die. And they don’t want you to bother them with the details. They “know” that government is evil, and it must not be used to help anyone.
    It’s this mindset, these primitive, heartless, contemptuous ideas of people who aren’t like them (meaning, don’t have as much money as them) that keeps costing them elections now.
    In modern times these ideas will surely be rejected. The party of the aging white male cannot survive as it’s currently constituted. There may be a future Republican who can turn the party around and get it to accept certain minimum notions of decency, fairness and justice. But that person has yet to emerge.
    To be sure, nothing much will come from their idiotic lawsuit. But voters should recognize how it symbolizes the futility of Republicans right now.
    They have no ideas, no decent policies, no fair proposals, nothing but hatred and resentment of forces in society they don’t understand. May they go down to a deserving defeat in November.

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    Rick Howell, a Bedford native, can be reached by e-mail at RickDem117@gmail.com.