Speak out America

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By Congressman Bob Goodlatte

Over a year ago House Republicans launched a new online forum, AmericaSpeakingOut.com, where folks from all over our nation could log-on and share their thoughts and suggestions for the future of our country.  AmericaSpeakingout.com is a fully interactive, one of a kind website that allows you to talk about your own ideas while also commenting on the ideas of others. This site was the start of a national dialogue that brought the halls of Congress into American homes.


Over the months, we gathered the comments, suggestions and priorities submitted on the AmericaSpeakingOut.com site and built an agenda that reflected the priorities of the American people. Hundreds of thousands of Americans from all over our country logged on to share their thoughts. The American people were clear: The federal government must stop the out-of-control spending and reduce the size of government. It is crucial that the Congress rein in the skyrocketing deficit spending that is discouraging investment and threatening to bankrupt our nation.


As Congress continues to face serious budgetary challenges, our nation’s economy and job growth continue to suffer. It’s time we take control of spending instead of letting it control the Congress.  In recent years, federal spending has increased at an unsustainable pace, allowing our national debt to spiral out of control.  Federal spending must be brought under control, in order to create American jobs and grow our economy.


That is why I worked so hard to have a provision which guarantees a vote by both the House and the Senate on a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution included in the Budget Control Act. We are now guaranteed such a vote before the end of this year. A balanced budget amendment to the Constitution would simply require that the government not spend more than it takes in and would be the most effective way to force the government to live within its means. With Congress set to begin debate on this critical amendment to our Constitution in the coming weeks, we are again asking Americans to log onto AmericaSpeakingOut.com to share your opinions on this commonsense amendment which will restrain government spending.


It will take real institutional reforms, such as passage of a balanced budget amendment, to ensure that Washington’s insatiable appetite for spending is brought under control.   A balanced budget amendment would help put an end to deficit spending because Congress would no longer be allowed to spend more than it takes in.  When you are preparing a budget for your family or your business, you know that you can’t spend more than you take in.  You should expect nothing less from the federal government. Our time is now to pass a balanced budget amendment so please log onto AmericaSpeakingOut.com and let your voice be heard.