Sports commentary: Poachings

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Where will the ACC turn to next?

By Mike Forster

  Sometimes, less is more.

I had written a long screed for this week’s column.  In it, I discussed the direction of the ACC, now that it has poached Syracuse and Pittsburgh away from the Big East.

Turns out, however, that I’m jammed on space. So, forthwith is an abbreviated version of my thinking.

First, the wife grew up as a fan of Maryland and the ACC, so I have to tread gently here.

Second, the ACC will eventually become one of four megaconferences.  Each one will consist of 16 teams.

If my math is correct, 4 X 16 equals 64, which happens to be the number of slots in the NCAA tournament.  Of course, that could just be a coincidence.

The ACC, therefore, will likely add two more schools to its ranks.  The question is:  which will they be?

There are one of two ways the conference can go.  First, it could add schools such as Louisville or Cincinnati (or both).  Such a move would make it an even better basketball conference.

Is that what the ACC really  needs, though?  It already is the best hardwood league in the country, particularly since it filched Syracuse and Pitt.

I can see tourney brackets that might include two ACC teams at their top as a matter of course.  Eight to ten invitations are not out of the question.

So, does the ACC need more good hoops schools?  Does Warren Buffett need more money?  Do the Kardashians need more exposure?  Does Geico need any more talking lizards?

No, on all counts.

What the ACC does need to do is improve its standing in the world of football.

True, bringing on Virginia Tech and Miami in 2004 helped a lot.  True, there are no Virginia Techs or Miamis hanging around waiting to be adopted.  Sure, Texas and Oklahoma might be available, but the ACC would rather keep some semblance of a geographic-based union.  Last I checked, the Atlantic Coast was quite a ways from Austin.

So, the logical move would be for the ACC to go after West Virginia and Connecticut.

The Mountaineers have a long legacy of football excellence.  UConn is fast on the rise in the sport.

Both schools are located in logical places, relative to the rest ot he ACC.

True, neither have the legacy of Tobacco Road.  But those days are long gone.  Someone tell the wife.