Straighten the road

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It’s time to straighten out the dangerous curves on U.S. 460 east of Montvale.
    Enough damage has been done; a life has been lost.
    This past May, a 31-year-old tractor-trailer driver died and his tanker dumped 6,800 gallons of fuel into the ground as the result of an accident on those curves. The environmental cleanup has been ongoing ever since; the eastbound stretch of that road has been closed for more than two months.
    The road has been a known problem for years.
    It’s time to get this problem straightened out.
    There have been previous accidents at those curves; there has been a previous fuel spill.
    Enough is enough.
    The road has previously been on the Virginia Department of Transportation’s list to be worked on but budget cuts axed the project.
    It’s time to find the funds.
    Major Ricky Gardner of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office said this about the stretch of road this week: “Best-case scenario would be to try and straighten the road,” Gardner said. “Of course, I’m not an engineer, so I have no idea if that’s possible or what it would cost.”
    We aren’t engineers, either. But it’s time to get those questions answered; and it’s time to find the money to get the project done.
    A representative from VDOT urged the public this week to “come out and advocate for that project.”
    Count this as our vote.
    Now more voices need to be heard—from area governmental officials, from VDOT, from the public.
    And this time, more must be done than just putting the project on some wish list.
    The road must be straightened—sooner rather than later.