Students learn by teaching

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By John Barnhart

Bedford Science and Technology Center horticulture students had an opportunity to learn by teaching when they gave a presentation to eighth grade students from the county's middle schools.

The horticulture students put the displays together, according to Claire Robertson, the horticulture teacher. Displays showed desert plants and students explained why such plants have thick leaves and cacti have spines. The thick leaves store water in drought. Cacti have spines to discourage animals from tapping into the water they've stored.

There were also displays on aquatic plants, plants that herbs that yield medicinal products and carnivorous plants. All correlated with the eighth grade science standards of learning.

“Plants are exciting,” commented Robertson, who said that there are a lot of potential career areas in horticulture.

She said that a number of her former students are now working in agriculture and horticulture related careers. A couple now have their own landscaping businesses.

Of course, the horticulture students had to make sure that they knew what they were talking about when the younger students came through.

“My students learn a lot by doing this, too,” Roberston said.