Swarm o' Bees headed to Bedford

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Liberty hosts Brookville Friday night

By Mike Forster

  "We've turned a corner," said Liberty Head Coach Chris Watts, following his team's big win over Rustburg.  "But there's just not a bad team [in the Seminole District]."

Watts' next foes certainly aren't bad:

-They're the defending Division 3 State champions.

-They're on a 20-game winning streak.

-They're averaging 54 points per game this year.

And they're heading to Minutemen Stadium this Friday night.

Brookville, alma mater of Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas and current school of two-time Seminole District Offensive Player of the Year Kendall BeCraft, will take to the field at Minutemen Stadium to face a bunch of upstarts.

Brookville Head Coach Jeff Woody, for one, isn't taking the game lightly.  After all, Liberty stands 4-1 and has a history of pestering the Bees.

"Liberty is a quality football team that could be 5-0," said Brookville Head Coach Jeff Woody.  "Liberty will give us some problems."

No doubt.  Yet, it is likely that Woody's crew will present some problems for the Minutemen.

For starters, believe it or not, Brookville may well be even better than last year's State champs.

Woody declined to make that assessment, only saying that "time will tell."

Well, at this point in time, we can report the following.  In Brookville's first six games, the margin of victory for the unbeaten Bees has averaged 45 points.  

Against the same slate of teams last year, the Bees averaged a 33-point margin.  That's quite a jump.

Does that translate into a 14-0 run like last year?  Like the coach said...

First, the Bees need to get past Liberty.  The Maryland-style I has Woody concerned.  Liberty quarterback Austin Porter has a year of experience under his belt and looks much more comfortable running the option out of that look.

Liberty will also throw some serious weaponry at Brookville.  First and foremost, the Bees have to be concerned with how to stop Liberty's Matthew Smith, who has blossomed into one of the elite backs in the district.

Liberty, meanwhile, will have to figure out how to stop Bee quarterback Kendall BeCraft.  A four-year starter at signal caller, BeCraft is "picking apart defenses," according to Woody, who added, "I've never coached a kid with the ability to do what he's doing."

Remember, Woody coached that Logan Thomas guy.

Of course, Thomas is a once-in-a-career player for a coach.  He had a different skill set than does BeCraft, who is a cerebral chess player out of the backfield.

The other challenge Liberty will have is in keeping up with all of the Brookville speed.