Team honors No. 82

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By Mike Forster

    Staunton River High School student Jacob Baird “lived for football” according to the school’s principal, Michelle Morgan.

    Baird participated with the Golden Eagle football program for five years and started on several of the special teams.
    According to Coach Chuck Poston, the team planned to wear their jerseys to the visitation service.
    “He was an awesome young man,” Poston stated. “He never missed a practice and he never complained.  He just loved to play football and loved being part of Staunton River. We’ll sorely miss him.”
    The team is taking Baird’s death hard, according to the SRHS coach.
    “I joked with him that the only one who’s in the weight room more than me was him.  He never missed a workout,” Poston said, looking back. “Getting out and talking with the kids was the hardest thing I’ve done.  It was like we all got sucker punched.”
    Poston said the loss has hit the team and the school hard.
    “I hurt for his family,” Poston said. “These (players) are the closest thing I’ll have to actually having kids.  I always tell them to be safe and that I love them.  Because there’s no telling when this kind of thing will happen.”
    At last week’s playoff game, the Jefferson Forest High School football team remembered Baird by wearing an 82, Baird’s jersey number, on their helmet.