Terrorists and enemies?

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By John Barnhart

     Last week saw some pretty outlandish outbursts from the left ranging from the highest levels, (Vice President Joe Biden) to the lowest (Rick Howell’s The Liberal Agenda).

    Uncle Joe called tea party backed Republicans “terrorists.” Biden made the remark in a closed door “Democratic” caucus meeting and later denied making it. However, according to Politico’s website, several sources who were present at the meeting stated that Biden indeed said it.
    In his column last week, Mr. Howell referred to President Obama’s opponents as his enemies. This takes me back 40 years to Richard Nixon’s infamous Enemies List. Of course, in this case, it comes from one left-wing political columnist, rather than the president, himself.
    Another outlandish thing that came out of the left, and Mr. Howell repeated it in his column, was the idea that President Obama should solve the debt crisis by invoking the 14th Amendment if Congress deadlocked. Apparently the lefties think some sort of authority lurks in this amendment for President Obama to override Congress and issue a decree. I’ve read the text of the 14th Amendment and I can’t even guess why these folks think it gives the president such authority. Maybe it’s wishful thinking on the part of some radicals who would love to see President Obama be able to dispense with all this messy democracy stuff and rule by decree, just like Hugo Chávez does in Venezuela.
    All of the above is an example of why I put “Democrat” in quotation marks when I’m referring to the political party. There are just too many of them who don’t like democracy because it often, in fact more often than not, produces results that they don’t like.
    All of the above is also why that political party so often makes me want to throw up. It's not that I think that the Republican Party is God's party or anything like that. They, too, do things that I'm not very happy about. And, the tea party is too liberterian for my taste. But at least they don't have visions of dictatorship dancing in their heads.
    Not all members of the Donkey Party are that bad, however the “Democratic” Party has for the last 40 years been dominated by it’s radical left wing, the radical left wing that’s produced leaders like Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. They’ve stifled the party’s moderates and driven out the conservatives.
    This has left the “Democratic” Party dominated by left-wing extremists who believe that people who disagree with them are enemies. If we manage to be more than a speed bump in their way, as tea party backed Republicans did in the debt ceiling battle, then we are “terrorists.” They fantasize about President Obama ruling by decree so that the rest of us, who are too stupid to know what’s good for us, can’t get in the way of progress.
    Fortunately, democracy is still alive and well, a lesson the radical left learned last fall when so many of their buddies got flushed out of Congress. We have contested elections and, yes, contested primaries. It’s possible that we may get some more of those folks, who Joe Biden labeled “terrorists” in Congress. Maybe they will get control of the Senate. It’s even possible that one of them could be elected president.
    Meanwhile I will continue to put “Democrat” in quotation marks until the folks who dominate that party no longer consider those who disagree with them to be enemies and effective political opponents to be terrorists. I don’t plan to hold my breath while waitingas these folks seem to have a lot in common with their party’s symbol.