Text of Robert Hurt's monthly video address

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Communicating with the people of Virginia’s 5th District and hearing your feedback is very important to us. In order to ensure that we keep you up to date on what is going on from month to month, we record a monthly video address. You may watch the video address on our website at hurt.house.gov, and you may read the address below:

Video Address Text

“Hi, I’m Robert Hurt.  Thank you for tuning into our Monthly Video Address.  


“As always, it is an honor to represent the people of Virginia’s Fifth District, and I appreciate the opportunity to share with you some of what we have been working on during the month of February.


“In February, we saw the release of a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report that revealed a number of troubling findings on our economy, our government’s finances, and, ultimately, the future for our children and grandchildren.  The report found that the President’s health care law will have a significant and negative impact on our economy over the next ten years by encouraging Americans not to work, estimating that it will result in the equivalent of 2.5 million Americans leaving the full-time workforce.  The CBO report also informs us that our deficit and debt problems remain very serious. Though revenues have been higher, the days of trillion dollar deficits will return if we do not change course. In fact, at the current pace our debt will grow to $27 trillion in the next ten years.  Now is the time to come together to forge solutions to ensure the financial stability of our nation and future generations.   


“In addition, the Obama administration announced a delay of the employer mandate for a second year, proving once again that the president’s health care law is bad for the American people.  While this delay provides relief for small and mid-sized businesses, unfortunately, individuals and families that do not receive healthcare through their employers remain on the hook for the law’s mandates. Working Americans should be given the same reprieve from the president’s healthcare law that businesses will receive.


“On a positive note, I am pleased to report that I had the opportunity to travel throughout our district as a part of National Future Farmers of America (FFA) Week. I spent the FFA Week visiting FFA chapters throughout the Fifth District, hearing from students about issues of importance to them.  National FFA week is celebrated annually in conjunction with George Washington’s birthday and honors his legacy.  Agriculture is the backbone of our economy in Virginia, and it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to meet with these future leaders about the future of agriculture.


“We also had the opportunity to attend a ceremony at Fort Myer where Arthur Ordel of Albemarle County and Robert Sales of Amherst County received the French Legion of Honor as a token of gratitude for helping liberate France from Nazi German occupation.  They were among six World War II veterans awarded this medal by the President of France.  I extend sincere congratulations to Mr. Ordel and Mr. Sales, and I am grateful for the sacrifices they and so many others have made in service of our country.

“I look forward to continuing to work to put forth policies that will grow our economy, create jobs, and provide for a brighter future for our nation, and I am grateful for the opportunity to represent you in Washington.

“As we close, I encourage you to sign up for frequent updates at our website at hurt.house.gov and join the conversation on our social media pages.  Again, thank you for tuning in to our monthly video address.”