Tom looks for his home

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In the meantime, he has taken up residence at Super 8

By John Barnhart

    The Super 8 motel, on U. S. 460 on the west side of Bedford, has had an interesting guest since the weekend. He probably won’t pay his bill, although Sherry Pounds, the general manager doesn’t mind. She just wishes he had better toilet habits.


    He’s a large tom turkey.
    “He came Saturday afternoon and decided to stay,” Pound said.

    Pound and her staff believe he was raised by humans and may be a domesticated variety, He is not afraid of people and staff members and guests can get as close as a foot or two from him before he moves away. 
    When he does, he’s in no hurry. At one point they watched him and the mailman who serves the area exchanging turkey calls. The mailman would make gobbling sounds and the turkey would answer back.
    “He’s a friendly little fellow,” Pound said.
    He can’t quite figure out the hotel’s glass doors. He often stands up facing them and fluffs up his feathers, apparently trying to make himself look larger. It seems like the turkey thinks his reflection is another male turkey and he is trying to intimidate it.
    The turkey is welcome, but Pound and her staff worry that something will happen to him. They would love to see his owner claim him.