Town Meeting

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By Chuck Neudorfer

I will be holding a Town Meeting at the Moneta Library on Saturday, October 13 starting at 10 a.m..  
    I would like to spend some time discussing the Bedford County 2025 Comprehensive Plan.  This Plan was adopted in 2007.  There is a requirement to review and update the Plan at least every five years. 
    This will be done by the Planning Commission, but I would like to have your input to pass along.  I have asked each Supervisor to bring any recommendations for change to the Plan to our Board of Supervisors meeting of November 14 to assemble and provide to the Commission.
    The library has a number of copies of the Plan for your review or you can look at a copy on the County Web site.  If you cannot make this meeting, you can provide your comment to me by mail, email, or telephone.    If need be, we can have another meeting before November 14.
    As always, all topics are welcome.  I hope to see you at the meeting.