Treble Tapestry to hold area concerts

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By Peter Sawyer

Intern Writer

    Treble Tapestry will host a Benefit Concert Series April 15-17, including a performance in Bedford, to conclude its fifth season.
    Treble Tapestry is a women’s ensemble with 25 to 30 auditioned members. The group focuses on the education, performance and sharing of music for women’s voices. The members of Treble Tapestry represent different ages groups and have different interests and talents, but they all love to sing.
    Bedford Presbyterian Church’s choir director, Jane Montgomery, is the artistic director and conductor.  Treble Tapestry has performed for a spring and fall semester since its formation in 2006.  Each semester consists of 10 to 12 weeks of practice and usually concludes with a concert.  Half of the current ensemble, 12 members, are from Bedford. The rest are from Lynchburg. 
    “Normally we have two concerts per season,” Treble Tapestry member Betsy Burns said. “One in the Lynchburg area and (one in the) Bedford area.”
    Treble Tapestry performs in different church venues in Lynchburg and draws between 200 and 300 people.  In Bedford it usually gets about 150 people.  This is Treble Tapestry’s fifth season, which has performed 21 concerts.
    Treble Tapestry is a non-profit organization. People who attend the concerts are not required to pay for admission.
    “People are welcome to come and just enjoy the music,” Burns said. “Our goal is to perform and share music and educate ourselves and the people who come to our concerts.”
    Audience members can freely give donations to the ensemble.  The donations go to maintaining  Treble Tapestry.  Because the ensemble is a non-profit organization, such donations are tax exempt.  In order for Treble Tapestry to have non-profit status, members are required to do philanthropic work.  The Benefit Concert Series will be its first charitable event.
    This year’s Benefit Concert Series will focus on children’s struggles.  In the performance, the ensemble will honor victims of the Oklahoma City bombing, children in war-torn countries, abused and neglected children, bullied children and unloved children.  They will also celebrate children’s resilience and hopeful nature.
    Special guests will include the Leesville Road Elementary School Chorus, under the direction of Alice Watson and Heather Wilson.  These students will present two numbers, as well as joining with the Tapestry singers on several others. 
    As another special feature of our concert, Treble Tapestry will  present “Lord of the Small,” a new composition written by well-known young composer, Dan Forrest.  This arrangement was commissioned by Treble Tapestry especially for this concert, and was written in memory of 6-year-old Morgan Alexis Pritchett, a hero who lost her battle to brain cancer.
    All donations at the Benefit Concert Series will go to The Cure Starts Now, which provides grants to find a cure for pediatric brain cancer.
    “Our director’s granddaughter died of an inoperable brain tumor,” Burns said. “That’s why we chose this as our first big philanthropic event.”
    Treble Tapestry will perform this series at three different venues: on April 15, the group will perform at 7:30 p.m. at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church on 1000 Langhorne Rd. in Lynchburg; on April 16, they will perform at 7:30 p.m. at Heritage United Methodist Church on 582 Leesville Rd. in Lynchburg; on April 17, they will perform at 4 p.m. at Bedford Presbyterian Church on 105 W. Main Street in Bedford.