Two men charged by BCSO with selling dogs for fighting

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    Members of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division arrested two individuals, Monday, at 11268 West Lynchburg-Salem Turnpike in Montvale, charging them with violating Virginia’s animal fighting laws.  

     According to a release from the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, investigators, acting in an undercover capacity and portraying individuals who purchase pit bull dogs to fight in competition, met Martin W. Laluz, 39,  and Daryl C. Klotz, Jr., 20, both  from Bethlehem, Pa., and completed the transaction to purchase three pit bulls; one adult female and two of her six-week-old puppies.  These dogs were allegedly sold, according to the release, with the understanding that they are from bloodlines specifically bred for “game” and they would be trained to fight in competition here in Bedford, and other parts of the country.
    According to the Sheriff’s Office, it’s illegal to promote, prepare for, engage in, or be employed in, the fighting of animals  for  amusement, sport or gain when an animal was possessed, owned, trained, transported or sold with the intent that the animal engage in exhibition of fighting with another animal. The two men have been charged with three counts, one for each dog, of violating this law.
    This arrest is similar to one made in May, in which a North Carolina man allegedly stopped in Bedford County to sell two female pit bulls to what turned out to be undercover agents.
    “It’s the same type of investigation,” said Major Ricky Gardner of the BCSO.
    Gardner said that the Sheriff’s Office vice investigation officers have an ongoing investigation into dog fighting.
    Gardner said that a hearing will be scheduled for Laluz and Klotz in 10 days. After that, the three dogs should be available for adoption.