Understanding the workings of the Sheriff’s Office

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By Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown   


Are you curious about the inner workings of the Sheriff’s Office? Would you like to learn more about each division, their functions and what our Deputies face each day and night while on duty? Then the Citizens Police Academy (CPA) is for you!
    The CPA is intended to open the lines of communication between the Community and the Sheriff’s Office. We invite all Bedford Citizens to have a firsthand look at the laws and regulations we enforce as well as the policies BCSO abides by. Explore the history of American’s first sheriffs, first appointed right here in Virginia. Tour the workings of Bedford’s state-of-the-art 911 Communications Center, learn about the special training, programs, equipment and weaponry protecting our citizens, schools and businesses throughout the county, 24/7.
    As a CPA attendee, you will witness BCSO’s K-9 partners as they demonstrate their drug, bomb and people sniffing skills. Presentations are made by Bedford’s Commonwealth’s Attorney, Officers from Virginia Game and Inland Fisheries and weapons safety by the Sheriff’s Range Master. Learn Defensive Tactics and try them out on your instructors.
    CPA begins on Sept. 14 and runs for 14 weeks beginning at 6:30-9 p.m., every Tuesday evening. Classes are limited to 20 citizens, so please reserve your place now! Contact Sgt. David Mays at 586-7718 for your chance to experience law enforcement from those who live it.