VDOT digs up U.S. 460

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By John Barnhart

    A long-awaited Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) project, designed to improve safety on the section of U.S. 460, on the west end of Bedford, is underway.


    “It’s basically to improve sight distance,” said Jason Bond, a VDOT spokesman.
    The main part involves digging up the highway’s west bound lanes in order to lower them to match the grade of the east-bound lanes. VDOT will also close and demolish two crossovers, one of which VDOT has long considered to be dangerous. This is the crossover where Woodhaven Road formerly entered U.S. 460. As part of the project, Woodhaven has been rerouted through the new Harmony development and comes out at Harmony’s entrance. A new crossover will be built there as part of this highway project.
    The town of Bedford is realigning Old Turnpike road’s intersection with U. S. 460 as part of this project. Old Turnpike’s new intersection will be directly across the highway from the Harmony intersection. Bond said this is being done as a cost-sharing project with VDOT. The town is providing $251,000 for its share.
    Lowering the westbound lanes’ grade is the biggest portion of the road project. According to Bond, it involves digging up a 1,100-foot-long section of highway and removing 25,000 cubic yards of dirt.
    According to Bond, VDOT expects to have the work completed by December.