We’ll need all the Republicans we can get

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By John Barnhart

    Now that ObamaCare has been signed into law, we are stuck with the same sort of socialist monstrosity that is contributing to the slow suffocation of Europe’s economies.

    While the idea of repealing Obamacare is a wonderful idea, it won’t be possible to do it next year. Even if Republicans get control of both houses of Congress, they won’t be able to get a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. There aren’t enough Senate seats, with “Democrats” currently sitting in them, up for reelection to make that possible, even if Republicans win every race. It will take another big win in 2012, a win that would include retiring President Barack Obama, to make that possible. The best conservatives can hope for is that Republicans will be able to modify some of ObamaCare’s worst features, as well as inject some genuine cost control measures. Even this will be difficult as “Democrats” will still be able to filibuster Republican initiatives to death.

    Another problem is that dealing with ObamaCare won’t be the only issue on Republicans’ plate next year. President Obama is feeling his oats after bribing and bullying enough “Democrats” in the House into voting for a truly awful bill. He’s got plenty of other bad ideas, like cap and trade, that he wants to impose on us, and he’s going to try his best to accomplish this. He may be able to use the same old fashioned dirty politics, that he used with ObamaCare, to push this oppressive legislation through the Senate.

    This is why, along with flushing “Democrats” in order to replace them with Republicans, it’s important to retain strong incumbent Republicans who will be able to successfully stand up to President Obama’s leftist agenda. Republicans will have a stiff battle ahead of them in their efforts to even minimize, let alone undo, the damage President Obama and the “Democrats” have done.

    President Obama won’t back down, even if the “Democrats” get hammered in the next election. He seems to see his legacy as going down in history as the left’s answer to Ronald Reagan — sort of the Anti-Reagan. He will put up a spirited effort to accomplish this. President Obama may be an ideologue, but he isn’t an inflexible ideologue. He won’t just repeatedly butt his head against a brick wall. He won’t change his ideology, but he will change his approach if what he is doing isn’t working. We just saw that in the way he got ObamaCare passed. Republicans will really have their work cut out for them next year.

    Then, there is always the possibility that something could happen that will generate a rally-’round-the-President reaction. President Obama has suffered some very serious political damage due to the unpopularity of the ObamaCare legislation and the way he got it passed. However, a president with a sagging approval rating and a rising disapproval rating can suddenly become popular by rising to meet a crisis.

    The world beyond our shores provides plenty of opportunities for a crisis to emerge. President Obama’s foreign policy was far from brilliant during his first year and, while he seems to be getting better, he’s certainly created opportunities for trouble.

    All of this means that conservatives shouldn’t expect miracles following the November elections. A big Republican victory will be like the American victory at Midway in the summer of 1942. It was a huge American victory, but it took three more years of war before we actually won.

    This is why we need to both elect a Republican majority in November and reelect strong Republican incumbents. We’ll need good people in Congress who can keep President Obama and the “Democrats” from imposing their liberal agenda on us.