What a mess

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he Obama administration has let the Arab Spring become the Middle East Massacre.
    And it’s only getting worse.    
    Apparently the President felt his Apology Tour, held just after taking office, would make everyone in the Arab world suddenly love the United States and fall into line with our wishes.
    Surely there wouldn’t be any more trouble, only peace and harmony.
    And why not? He did win the Nobel Peace Prize for such foolishness.
    That stance—and taking a hard-line approach to Israel—appears to be the only strategy President Obama and his officials had when it came to the Middle East.
    No wonder that region is falling apart—nation-by-nation, un-dropped bomb by un-dropped bomb—and into turmoil.
    Libya, Egypt—and who knows what Iran is up to.
    The most recent fiasco is the Syrian in-action plan.
    First, there’s a red line.
    Then, the line is not so clear—or red.
    First, bombs will most certainly be dropped.
    Now, we’ll wait and see.
    Why not take a vote? It’s time for a good poll! Let’s test the wind, it works for Tiger Woods when he’s getting ready to hit a shot, doesn’t it.
    Really, this is quite embarrassing.
    Russia and China appear to be loving it.
    And radical Islam is taking a grip on the region.
    Our influence in the Middle East has taken a hit. The President must not let it slip any more.
    Too many people are paying the price for his inept policies.