Who shot Slick?

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By John Barnhart

Somebody shot one of Anne Ferrell’s best friends a few weeks ago.


    This particular friend is a young dog named Slick. Slick is an all black short-haired mutt who’s name came due to her short, smooth fur according to her son, Billy Ferrell.

    Anne Ferrell, now 90, still lives on the 100 acre Bedford County property that she and her husband purchased prior to Billy’s birth. Billy Ferrell, now 60, retired last year after 36 years as a sheriff’s deputy with the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office. He and his wife, Ruth, routinely check in on her.

    Billy said that Slick was born on the property. Two years ago a stray had a litter of puppies on the property and he and his mom ended up keeping one. Slick stays in the house at night and has her run of the property during the day.

    He said that his mother turned Slick loose on Jan. 25, a Sunday morning, prior to leaving for church. Upon returning that afternoon, they found the dog in the driveway. She had been shot. The bullet went through one leg and then hit the other, shattering the bone.

    They took the dog to an emergency veterinary service in Roanoke where the shattered leg had to be amputated.

    “We thought we were going to have to put her down,” Billy said.

    The dog made it. After a two day stay in an animal hospital in Bedford, she came home.

    “She’s doing OK now,” Billy Ferrell commented. “She can get around on three legs.”

    He called Bedford County’s animal control.

    “One of the young officers came out,” Billy said. “He did a real good job.”

    At present, they don’t know who shot the dog. He and the animal control officer traced the trail of blood from the driveway. It went off the Ferrell property, but they were unable to tell where the dog was when she was shot. They believe she was shot with a high powered rifle.

    They also don’t know why anybody would shoot Slick. Billy Ferrell doesn’t believe she was bothering livestock.

    “We have cows and calves,” he said, adding that Slick is afraid of cows.

    Right now, they don’t know who did the shooting, but would like to find out. If anybody has any information on this, contact the Bedford County Sheriff’s Department at 540-586-7827.