A winning dance

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Unique school fundraiser draws 500

By John Barnhart

Body Camp Elementary School held a unique fundraiser last month called Dancing with the Staff.


    It was based on the TV show Dancing with the Stars. In the Body Camp version, 5th grade students formed teams with members of the elementary school staff. The pairs worked for eight weeks on their routines, under the instruction of local dance teachers.

    The event was held last month at the school with more than 500 people in attendance. It proved successful, netting $3,500 toward a new playground. According to Kelly Overstreet, the parent who spearheaded the event. They had a $500 anonymous donation from a person on the condition that they could match it. They matched it.

    Overstreet notes that, in addition to the dance instructors a number of area businesses and individuals donated time and services to make the evening work. Judges were on hand to rate each performance and determine winners.

    Dr. Marvin McGinnis and Kaylynn Caldwell took first place. Their routine required some gymnastic ability on the part of Dr. McGinnis.

    Second place went to Deborah Prowse, Taylor Herron and Savanna Johnson. Barry Tosh and Briana Monk took third. Annette Jenkins, Rose Hager and Danielle Moore won fourth place honors.

    A DVD of the performances is available through the school’s office. Professional photos are available for purchase from Magic Memories by going to  magicmemories.shutterbugstorefront.com or by calling Devon Meyers, the photographer.

    Although Dancing with the Staff nearly tripled the amount of money the school’s PTA had on hand for the playground, they still have their work cut out for them. The new playground equipment will cost $25,000. As Dancing with the Staff was so successful and well received by the community, the PTA is considering making it an annual spring event. If you have any feedback, advice, ideas or can help, then Overstreet would love to hear from you. She can be reached by e-mail at Kelcasa@aol.com or by calling (540) 874-4033.