Womanless Pageant to raise funds for Montvale Rescue Squad

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By Tom Wilmoth

    They promise to have plenty of local celebrities. They promise to be dressed as you’ve never seen them before. A couple have even promised to show some skin.

    And they promise that the Saturday, June 2 Womanless Beauty Pageant will be plenty of fun.
    The event, a fundraiser for the Montvale Rescue Squad, will be held June 2 at 7 p.m. at the Liberty High School Auditorium. According to organizers the show’s VIP’s include local judges, attorneys, deputies and doctors among those who have agreed to appear in the pageant.
    And some are taking it pretty seriously.
    There will be an evening gown competition along with a “talent” show. Five finalists will be chosen from the 25 contestants to be interviewed by the judges. The eventual winner will be crowned Miss Montvale Rescue Squad 2012.
    It’s all in good fun, and all for a good cause, according to Colin McRoberts of the Rescue Squad.
    According to McRoberts, the squad hopes to build a new facility out on U.S. 460 and this will serve as a fundraiser for that project. By moving into a new building, he said the squad could be more visible and the facility could be used as a community center.
    “We’re really trying our best to break the trend of diminishing volunteers,” McRoberts said.
    He said the volunteer crews are important to the county and help keep taxes down. “Our motive is to help our neighbor,” he said. “We regularly go the extra mile.”
    Working on the squad obviously has its serious moments, but he said crew members have fun, too.
    The squad’s desire to build a new facility has been in the works for awhile, but now crew members see it as a tangible project to pursue.
    That’s where the June 2 fundraiser comes in.
    Tickets to the Womanless Beauty Pageant are $10 in advance, $12 at the door. They can be purchased from Montvale Rescue Squad members or from Bedford County Fire and Rescue. For more information call Amy McRoberts at 540-309-9295 or Vicki Elmore at 540-586-9384.
    “There are things that we would like to do that would help the community,” McRoberts said of the need to build a new facility.